90th Anniversary for Miele Commercial Laundry Appliances

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    Jul 10, 2014
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90th Anniversary for Miele Commercial Laundry Appliances Photo by Appliance Doctorx

This year the German company celebrates their 90th in business as a major designer and manufacturer of commercial laundry appliances. Their beginnings back in 1924 were humble when they began making their first product; wooden-tub home washers. Company visionaries soon perceived the demand for larger capacity washing machines for use in the hotel and hospital industries among others. This led to the development of the electrically driven, horizontal axis sheet copper drum, which heated the water in a container on the side of the machine. Early models had a load capacity of 8k (about 16 pounds).

The 1930s brought tougher standards, steam heating and heavy copper drums that increased load capacities to 30k (about 60 pounds). By 1950, Miele had developed flexible partitions in their machines, which allowed diverse and delicate fabrics such as crocheted tablecloths and curtains, to be washed separately and gently. Throughout the 1950s, Miele launched new products; the first flatwork ironers for commercial laundries and in 1958 the first commercial tumble dryers and coin payment systems in laundries.

Miele continued to expand into other industries, most notably shipboard laundries and in 1963 introduced the single knob control. Punch card controls soon followed as they set temperatures and chemo-thermal disinfection rates for laundry use in homes for senior citizens and pediatric clinics.

With the 1970s came high speed, durable water extractors and tumble dryers with 10-12 pound load capacities and drums and suds containers made from stainless steel. These machines were specifically designed for smaller business of all types ranging from hair salons to bakeries. In the 1980s, Miele launched its first barrier washer-extractor designed for processing infectious laundry. In the 1990s recycling became a priority and the company equipped their new dryers with Air Recycling technology, which returns approximately 60% of waste air back into the drying process, speeding up drying time and saving about 15% of total energy used.

The 1990s marked the entry of WetCare; a system allowing customized wash cycles. From 2000-2014 cost-effective heat pump technology was introduced and perfected, making professional dryers both efficient and cost effective.

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