What Should You Tell Your Engineer When Installing a New Boiler?

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    Jul 24, 2014
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What Should You Tell Your Engineer When Installing a New Boiler? Photo by Colin Armstrong

Before you have a new electric heating boiler installed, an engineer has to come to your home. He or she will need to see where you want the boiler installed and how everything is going to work. They will also let you know about the various features you can have and your specific needs.

It is a part of the process and you need to be ready for it. Your engineer will also ask you a number of questions, so they can make sure they get everything right. Here are some of the things you need to tell your engineer when installing a new boiler.

The Location : You will need to determine the location for a new boiler. Newer boilers using a condensing system will cause a plume of steam to be released. If this is in the wrong location outside, it can be a nuisance for both you and your neighbours. This is why many people do not have the outlet in the same location.

Your engineer will be able to look at the current location and determine whether an electric combi boiler would be best placed having an outlet located elsewhere.

Demands and Lifestyle : Consider what your boiler will need to do. For example, multi-bathroom households could have two showers running at the same time. How well does your current boiler deal with such demands? Most households will have to think about whether you can have multiple hot water taps on at the same time, for example.

Your engineer will be able to tell you more about how a new boiler might cope with these same demands. Remember, you do not have to settle on a specific model just yet.

What are Your Future Plans? : Are you planning on any further renovations in the process? This will affect the type of boiler that’s right for you.

A household planning a loft conversion may not be able to install a regular boiler because it may require loft space. The loft space will be the place that the expansion and feed tanks will be located. Houses with converted lofts, therefore, can only use system and combi boilers.

Electric Heating Supplies (EHS) recommend planning your future renovations a few years in advance because a boiler is a significant investment. You do not want to have to change your boiler type a year or so after installation.

The Budget ; Every single type of boiler will have a different price tag. Your engineer will ask about your budget to present you with your best choices. It is pointless showing you every possible model if you cannot afford half of them.

They will also provide you with additional information relating to installation costs and future maintenance.

Expectations : Finally, you need to tell them about your expectations for your new boiler. Do you want something that simply heats your house or are you looking to invest in a new boiler simply to reduce your energy bills?

By telling your engineer about what you expect from your new boiler, they can help point you in the direction of the boiler that is right for you.

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