Things You Shouldn't Ignore When Purchasing Panel Heaters

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    Aug 26, 2014
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Panel heaters are extremely useful for heating a room quickly and effectively. More and more homes and businesses have taken the decision to use these heaters in their homes. Sadly, many people are unaware of what differences there are between these heaters and other heaters. This is why we have compiled this comprehensive guide, with the help of Electric Heating Supplies. Read on to find out more.

No Limitations : There are no limitations on where these heaters can be used. They are so compact that they can fit in even the smallest rooms. You can also use them in larger rooms, although you may need more than one to get the most out of them. You do have to be careful with how you install them in bathrooms, but it can be done with the help of a skilled engineer.

Supplementary Heat : Homes that use an electric combi boiler can benefit from the additional supplementary heat of a good panel heater. They have the ability to help supply heat and reduce your heating bills through sheer efficiency. Another benefit is they can provide this heat without the need for additional storage heaters in the home, thus saving you more money.

Fast Heat : Panel heating systems are amongst the fastest heaters on the market today. They work through infrared waves and do not require a half-hour to get to an acceptable temperature. This is perfect for those winter nights where you come home to a freezing home.

Accuracy : These heaters use a thermostat system to provide you with more control over the temperature. This is essential because even a few degrees of difference can mean a significant amount when it comes to your heating bill at the end of the month. With an accurate thermostat, you are not forced to have a higher temperature than you really need.

To make them even more useful, many of these heaters have additional controls. For example, you can put them on a timer so they automatically switch off after a certain amount of time. This enables you to make sure you only use as much heat as you need.

Easy-to-Install : They do not have any complex wiring systems an engineer has to set up. Your average panel heater can be installed in less than an hour, with a minimal amount of mess. If you are worried about the installation costs of heaters like these, you should always choose this type of heater.

Quiet and Convenient : A common complaint that dogs modern heating systems is the noise they make. It is hard to be relaxed when there is an irritating whirring sound running in the background. These are almost completely silent. Since they are using infrared waves and not motors at the back, you will barely know they’re there, but they’ll still do the job.

With so much control over the temperature of your home and a proven track record of keeping heating bills low, it is no surprise to see these heaters becoming more popular. There is a range of cost-effective installation options on offer for people who want a more effective heating system in their homes.

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