Dominancy of cancer in Society

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    Sep 04, 2012
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Cancer is uncontrolled cell division or cell cycle state. It is spread to different parts of body by migration through cell or tissue barrier. Cancer has been divided in different types like: Brain tumor, Blood cancer, Lung, prostate, skin, breast, ovarian etc. Somehow, Prostate, Breast and Blood cancer are curable but still Lung cancer is very panic or untreatable. We have some specific reason for failure treatment such that absence of good drugs or disease recognition. Our science is not developed for arise new curable drugs to lung cancer treatment. Lung cancer took critical condition in our health system. it has dominant continuously because it's resources are growing without any interruption. Science is different things, it takes time to develop new drugs or vaccine. Therefore, we should not wait for the sciences that sciences would emerge a new pathway to erase the cancer from our health system. Lung cancer has various arm to develop. First of all, we would understand these sources and how can remove or cut down these arm.

Lung cancer infect lung cells or interrupt the signaling of cell cycle regulation. It cause mainly by Dust particles, tobacco smoke, alcohol or wastage air in the environment. But we can take initiative to finish or cut the stem arm for block the pollution in air. For this, We would started a program to perception of a situation. In that program, we should collect the information about cause of lung cancer or air pollution. We have to arrange the solution for that. These all information should be reached to society by TV , News channel or  paper and angio or social workers. During the Developing period, We went to dark phase because we are not getting pure things like food and water or daily usable things from the resources. It is important to take the action to evolve pure things or organic food.
With time, We will success in our aim for limit the defective resources to coming in bio-system. After that, we can expect for elaborate healthy environment to survive a pleasant life. We could safe life from lung cancer with awareness.                  

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Cancer disease wants awareness to prevents the spread among more population. Every year, Peoples dead by cancer and it's number has been increased per month or annually. That's why government should take the action for promotion to aware the people against these horror condition. To established the new angio in all over world or country for awareness that how cancer happen, what is the resources or cause to develop of cancer. Peoples should be know about different condition or stages.

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