Common Ailments of the Reproductive System

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    Sep 06, 2012
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Infertility. Another name for infertility is sterility. This means the inability of either the male or the female to reproduce. This may be caused by great exposure to x-ray, dietary deficiencies, alcoholism, or an irregularity in the structure of the reproductive organs.

Tumors. The uterus is often the site of tumors. Tumors can cause severe menstrual cramps and bleeding between periods.

Cancer. Most treatments for cancer of the reproductive tract involve removal of the cancerous part.

Women has a more complicated reproductive system than men, This makes women reproductive prone to illnesses,and most seriously CANCER!.

These are some common types of reproductive cancers.
  1. Breast Cancer
  2. This is the most common type of cancer.
    Risk Factors:
    1. This cancer increase with the age, Most of the risk of cancer attack is after the age of 75.
    2. Family history.
    3. Early Menarche.
    4. Late first childbirth after the age of 30.
    5. Late Menopause.
    6. A diet high in fat and alcohol.
  3. Cervix Cancer
  4. Second most common type of cancer.
    Risk Factors:
    1. Women who are sexually active in early age (mid-teens or earlier).
    2. women who have three or more sexual partners
    3. Recently some subtypes of the human papilloma virus have been implicated as the cause.
    4. Genital herpes infection is also a risk factor.
    5. This factors is most related to sexual activities.
  5. Uterus/Endometrical Cancer
  6. These are the least but deadly cancers.
    Risk Factors:
    1. Using of estrogen hormone replacing therapy may cause it.
  7. Ovarian Cancer
  8. The exact causes of ovarian cancer is unknown.
    Risk Factors:
    1. Family history of cancer.
    2. Being over 55 years of age.
    3. And never being pregnant.
Dysmenorrhea. Some girls suffer pain during menstruation. This may be caused by poor posture or constipation. Certain exercises are often recommended for girls who suffer from dysmenorrhea. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). These include the dreaded Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). People who have AIDS are vulnerable to serious illnesses. The best way to avoid this sickness is to refrain from premarital sexual relationships.

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