The Columbus Asthma Society: Spreading Awareness about Asthma and Allergies

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    Sep 11, 2013
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The Columbus Asthma Society: Spreading Awareness about Asthma and Allergies Photo by Kim Watson

Asthma is a non-curable disease in which bronchi in the lungs are blocked causing problems while breathing. This disease can be controlled by taking help from an expert, avoid known factors like dust, pollen, cold air etc. and taking right medications. Asthma is a lung disease which makes harder to move air in and out of the lungs.

Many patients suffering from Asthma are prescribed to take long term control medicines daily to help in prevention of symptoms. Some of the most effective long term medicines reduce airway inflammation and prevents symptoms from the beginning. Most preferred medicine for long-term control of asthma is Inhaled corticosteroids. Inhaled corticosteroids generally are safe when taken as prescribed. Although inhaled corticosteroids have side effects like other medicines but they aren’t habit forming. Most experts and doctors agree that Inhaled corticosteroids prevent asthma attack more effectively and this far outweighs the risk of side effects.

A good Asthma action plan includes awareness about targeted Asthma triggers, guidance on taking medicines properly and on time, tracking level of Asthma control, seeking emergency care when required and responding to worsening symptoms. Well-known non-profit organization in Columbus, Ohio, the Columbus Asthma Society offers best advices for leading healthy life and controlling asthma and allergies. Since its foundation in 2012, the Columbus Asthma Society is dedicatedly working towards providing all information and help to asthma and allergy sufferers in Central Ohio.

The Columbus Asthma Society believes in spreading awareness and thereby reaching out to the people with the latest treatments and research for both Asthma and allergies. The organization conducts regular meetings quarterly with well experienced guest speakers giving lectures, educates people and presents innovative research. Education and latest research studies by The Columbus Asthma Society offers new targeted treatment for Asthma and allergies. Instead of just submitting these results, the organization believes in educating its people to consult their doctors about rush immunotherapy which provides relief within weeks.

Patients can lead a happy and healthy life if they get proper education on rush immunotherapy and other treatments available. The Columbus Asthma Society strives to identify symptoms of Asthma so that patients can control their life, can have the most recent information about the new researches and best possible treatments like rush immunotherapy and others. The organization is always there behind its patients whether they want to know about the best doctors or treatments available or wish to learn more about regular allergy therapy shots vs. rush immunotherapy or any information as to why for asthma management, allergy testing is essential. Experience, Education, Knowledge and dedicated staff is the main reason behind the success of this organization.

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The Columbus Asthma Society is a non-profit organization offering treatments like rush immunotherapy from best allergy doctors in the Columbus area including Marysville, Westerville, Delaware , Lancaster, Dublin, Powell, Canal Winchester and New Albany. Membership at The Columbus Asthma Society is free and one can get best updated information and new research findings in the field of Asthma and allergies.

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