How to Overcome Obstacles to Reaching Your Health Goals

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    Jan 03, 2014
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How to Overcome Obstacles to Reaching Your Health Goals Photo by Josee  Smith

Did you know that many women give up on their health goals within the first few weeks of getting started?

One obstacle many women struggle with when it comes to reaching their health goals is having too many undefined goals. Too many undefined goals leads to overwhelm such that it becomes too challenging to keep focus and take action to make it happen.

This is how it usually happens: first you set great intentions to get more exercise, to eat healthy, or to fit in time to relax and then overwhelm sets in and you struggle with how to fit it in so you end up giving up and returning to the same routine.

Can you relate to this?

The best way to overcome the obstacle of too many undefined goals is to start small and focus on one specific goal at a time. For example, let's take the goal of fitting in time to relax. Start by including 5 minutes in your day if this is all you can fit it. In the following week, you can increase it to 10 minutes. 

By focussing on one change you are more likely to stick to it and within a few weeks, you will have a routine that includes relaxation in your day.  You will feel better and have more energy.  You will be motivated to keep going and take the next step towards your health goals.

Small changes really do have a BIG impact on your health and wellbeing!

Another reason so many of us women give up on our health goals is because the goal is not relevant to our own wants and needs.  We make commitments based on other people's expectations or what we feel we must do.

We worry too much about what other people are thinking instead of asking ourselves, what will make "me" happy?

You are much more likely to stick to your wants and desires.  Replace any goal you feel are "must do" to "I choose to" or "I want to". 

Lastly, to truly achieve vibrant health you must know why you want it.  Ask yourself: what's most important to you about reaching the goal?  Does it help you boost your energy and help you manage your stress so that you can enjoy time with your family?

When you have a compelling WHY for each goal, you're more likely to be motivated to achieve it, even when it gets challenging.

It does take commitment, motivation, persistence, accountability, support and encouragement to achieve your health goals.

And you certainly don't have to do this alone. 

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