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    Jun 18, 2013
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Healthcare is a huge industry, which is getting increasingly competitive day by day. Both Non-profit and profit making care delivery units and health care entities are faced with new challenges, and are finding innovative ways to control costs, achieve better health care, increase bottom lines and prove the worth of their health care programs.

With the increase in consumer-driven health care and increased consumer demand for best and timely customer service processes, the health care organizations are now forced to focus on business software systems as well as CRM solutions to streamline their processes and increase customer satisfaction. Several health care organizations are trying their best to foster healthy customer relations.

The important component of healthcare CRM is integrated electronic patient records system that facilitates the check-in process, patient care and billing. Other major CRM functions include well integrated back office project accounting systems and enterprise content management systems.

These days healthcare providers are expected to respond to all the governing authorities, as well as the patients or clients with enterprise-wide, integrated business systems data, as and when needed. This information also serves the healthcare provider and the modern day health care solutions provide online access to patients and other stakeholders.

Agiline CRM Health

Agiline CRM offers a mixed bag of strategically developed applications and technologies that are backed by cutting edge technology implementation, best in class support and services, and are designed to provide automated support for the entire healthcare delivery process.

Agiline CRM’s healthcare information management solutions are capable of handling complex requirements of at-risk providers, including hospital networks, PHOs, MSOs, group practices and provider-based HMOs. Our solutions are designed to provide assistance to managed care organizations in controlling their financial exposure to risk, thus assisting them to focus on effective healthcare management.

With a multi-tiered architecture design, Agiline CRM’s solutions ensure that the system's computing power can easily be scaled to adapt to the requirements of organizations ranging from start-ups to largest provider-owned HMOs.

Agiline's Managed Care Solutions provide a suite of exceptionally performing, easy-to-use applications that are intuitively designed for every type of users, including the novice users. Using Microsoft® Windows® standards and high-end scalable client/server architecture, the application screens share a common "look and feel" and are logically organized to support fast and accurate navigation.

Agiline CRM’s Health Care Solution includes:

  • Membership Services Module
  • Eligibility Modules
  • Case Management
  • Encounter Management
  • Utilization Review
  • Claims Adjudication Modules
  • Appointment & Scheduling Systems
  • Clinic Management Modules
  • Budget & Finance Systems
  • Provider Relations Module
  • Physician Incentive Module
  • Credentialing Module
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Reporting Modules

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AgilineCRM is a leading CRM Solutions Provider. The company specializes in every dimension of CRM and offers varied CRM solutions to meet the varied requirements of different enterprises. AgilineCRM has taken on the tradition of CRM solutions from Surado CRM, which has been one of the most popular CRM products.

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