Factors Rehab Centres Take into Account When Deciding if a Programme is Right for a Client

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    Sep 02, 2014
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Factors Rehab Centres Take into Account When Deciding if a Programme is Right for a Client Photo by Willie Albert

Alcohol rehab clinics are all different because they often specialise. They deal with a range of different patient types. It is impossible to take every sort of alcoholic and put them in together. You cannot have a binge drinking college student together with someone who has been drinking for thirty years. Both these individuals require radically different treatment programmes. To give you some more information on the right rehab clinics for you, we have listed some of the main factors rehab centres take into account when deciding if someone is right for one of their programmes.

How Severe Is The Condition? : Some centres are designed exclusively for people with extremely mild conditions. These people are here voluntarily and decided to come because they wanted to stop an addiction before it really took hold. In most cases, these will be outpatient centres. Someone who has had an addiction for a number of years will have far more complex needs than someone who is simply worrying about a few too many binge-drinking sessions with friends.

The Age : Age is crucial because it will mean the difference between someone who can go cold turkey and someone who requires alcohol tapering. Furthermore, rehab centres want to match you with people of your own age. It is easier for some to recover when they are with people who understand them. A retiree will not be able to provide mutual support as well to someone who is in his or her twenties.

Rehab Intensity : Some programmes are more intense than others are. This is in accordance with the speed of the recovery programme. It also depends on how quickly someone needs to lose his or her alcohol addiction to preserve his or her health. There are drug rehab clinics that are considered ‘last chance saloon’. In these situations, this would warrant an extremely intense rehab programme regulating every hour of the day. Not everyone needs this level of treatment. Some people need a couple of hours of counselling daily and nothing more.

Medical History : Medical history is crucial when considering the right centre for someone to recover in. What many forget is that people rarely come into treatment with alcoholism and alcoholism alone. It is not uncommon for alcohol addictions to be paired with drug addictions. Furthermore, there are often serious medical side effects of alcoholism that have to be taken into account. Treatment centres are essentially like hospitals. They have to monitor other conditions and provide tailored programmes to help manage any other conditions alongside the steady removal of alcohol from the system.

A rehab centre has to be properly equipped to give you the best possible treatment. For example, someone with serious cirrhosis of the liver will need a course of antibiotics and drugs to coincide with their rehabilitation programme. If the centre does not have access to these drugs and medical professionals, it will not be suitable for them. Overall, remember it is not just about whether you are right for a specific centre. It is whether the centre is right for you. Make sure you do your research before making your initial enquiries.

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