Health Insurance and Preventive Health Care

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    Aug 28, 2014
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Health Insurance and Preventive Health Care Photo by Kelly Herbert

Preventive health care is defined as a pattern taken by an individual to prevent diseases and for health maintenance, which contrasts with curing or treating the symptoms of the illnesses. The measures include early diagnosis of diseases, counseling, discovery and identification of risk from development of specific health problem wherein test and examinations will be conducted. Other examples of preventive care which are necessary interventions to avoid the development of illness are health education, screening tests as mentioned above, and immunization programs.

Health education starts during the early years of schooling wherein children are provided with learning experiences to help improve their health by increasing their knowledge or by simply influencing their attitudes. Remember the time when Mom would always say to eat your broccoli? Or perhaps when the teacher says carrots make your eyes brighter? That actually has an impact in the way how children think until they grow up. Immunization is administered in as early as two months after the baby was born. This is then followed by a series of injections or oral intake for the next years, which is aimed to prevent the occurrence of various diseases such as polio, tetanus, and measles. For more details about immunization schedule, please refer to your pediatrician.

Vaccination and Immunization are indeed a must for every individual and should be received at an early stage. However, availing these services will probably be expensive since a child, from two months after birth to adulthood, needs to undergo several administrations of preventive health care. Mason and Associates provide Health Insurance that will definitely cover the costs of these programs. In order to help Businesses that are composed of maximum of fifty (50) employees obtain such policies, especially for individuals who are starting a family, the company assists in small business health insurance through group coverage that allows them to pay less for premiums and contributions since the costs will be distributed among its members. The more members there are in the group, the lesser the insurance becomes expensive.

After availing a Health Insurance for your child, they will certainly need to undergo some preventive health care services in order to maintain their well-being. If you plan to travel internationally, make sure you are up-to-date with routine vaccinations as well as vaccines recommended according to health risks in the area that you are planning to visit. The policy should be able to help in securing your finances since the diagnosis and exams that are to be taken will be reimbursed by the your insurance.

Disease treatments are way more expensive since you might need to undergo surgeries and long bed rests that does not allow you to resume working in order to get payed by your employer. The costs of drugs and the services you receive when calculated will surely make you feel sorry for yourself since you have not availed of any preventive health care programs. These programs were introduced to help people in reducing the costs for health care services since the development of certain diseases are being eradicated from the start. It helps to obtain a policy and at the same time avail preventive care services for you and your family to achieve sense of security as well good health.

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