Top Tips for Staying Alcohol Free After Rehab

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    Aug 30, 2014
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Top Tips for Staying Alcohol Free After Rehab Photo by Willie Albert

Many people mistakenly believe that the journey to becoming addiction free ends when you leave alcohol or drug rehab. This is not the case because there are always triggers that remain in your mind. What you need to understand is that even someone who has stayed sober for decades has the potential for relapse. The difference between them and someone at the beginning of their journey is they know how to handle triggers.

After you leave rehab, you will still experience triggers. This is why we have teamed up with to provide you with some top tips for staying alcohol free after rehab.

Keep Busy at All Times : Always stay busy. If you are not doing anything, the only thing you have to do is drink, and your mind is going to tell you this over and over again. The busiest people do not have enough time to think about alcohol or starting to drink again. This is why alcohol rehab will explain the benefits of getting a job, spending time with friends, and finding a hobby you can dedicate your time to.

Stay in Good Health : Believe it or not, other physical issues can drive people to drink. This is why clinics often prescribe courses that include exercise. People who are tired, hungry, or lonely are more likely to drink than those who are in good health. You need to take care of yourself if you are going to have the mental strength needed to beat this alcohol addiction.

Slipping Away : So you have relapsed and you had a drink of beer? You are rightly feeling angry with yourself, but this does not have to become full-blown abuse again. Get back on the horse and pretend that it never happened. This is not a situation where you have to be an addict or completely sober. Even the strongest people have relapsed before. Be honest with yourself about what happened, talk to a professional about it, and come back to your relapse prevention training.

Talk about your Emotions : Your emotions are not something to be locked away. Not talking about yourself can lead you back into the arms of addiction. This is one of the reasons why people start to drink heavily in the first place. Develop open communication lines with your family members and friends. Always make sure you have someone to talk to.

Think About Using Avoidance Strategies : Try to avoid triggers in the real world. Alcohol is particularly difficult to deal with because it is targeted at us on TV, on billboards, and in magazines. It can be as simple as changing the channel when an advert comes on or changing your commute so you do not pass the local bar. Little things like this are great for avoiding temptation. You are not avoiding your problems by doing this. You are doing the right thing by dealing with potential trigger points. Smart people will not go looking for trouble by exposing themselves to temptation. They will look at where temptation is and turn the other way. Doing this gives you the best chance of success.

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