Bacon and Heartbreak

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    Aug 14, 2014
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Bacon and Heartbreak Photo by Kelly Herbert

Food processing is an art that was invented as early as when men have discovered food. Due to the absence of electric gadgets that help preserve ingredients, meat in particular, they have developed a number of methods in order to prolong its shelf life. Some methods include smoking, curing, salting and adding natural preservatives. The procedures are still practiced up until now and can be referred to as meat processing. Bacon, ham and sausages are just some of the delicious treats that we enjoy in the morning that is a perfect match for our scrambled eggs, toast and a cup of coffee. Imagine waking up to the smell of this scrumptious delight before going to work. It surely gives you the motivation to get out of bed and eat your breakfast.

In a recent study conducted by US scientists, consuming more than 75 grams of processed red meat can dramatically increase the risk of heart failure that can lead to early death. Foods that are also included in the list are burgers, canned meat products and cold cuts such as salami and hotdogs. The research also suggests that every extra 50 grams of processed mean, roughly equivalent to two slices of ham, increases heart failure risk by 8% and 38% chance of dying from the condition, most especially for men. However, this trend can also likely be adapted by women, which is not favorable for a young and growing family.

Heart disease can be easily prevented if you have the will to do so. However, people tend to enjoy processed foods more due to the taste it provides that while ignoring the fact that they are risking their health. Not only do-processed foods make a big impact on heart failure, but are also linked to an increased risk of bowel cancer. Treatment and medication for these illnesses may require a lot of medication and perhaps a surgery, which by the way is a threat to your hard-earned money. It order to protect your finances, you must have a Health Insurance that can back your medical expenses up. Mason and Associates offers an extensive portfolio of products that can provide what you need. Their services also include assisting companies in small business health insurance, which aims to provide individual or group policies for your employees.

In order to reduce the risk of heart failure, according to the scientists, they suggest to avoid processed red meat in your diet, limiting the amount of unprocessed red meat to one to two serving per week or less. This may sound ridiculous for people who acquired the taste of bacon for breakfast, but it is still the best solution if you do not want to end up in the emergency room or worse, in the wooden box. Opt for healthier foods such as fruits and high fiber veggies, go for natural ones that have not undergone processing. Rule of thumb, if it is not grown on the ground, then do not eat it.

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