Pool Opening Things to Care About

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    Feb 23, 2014
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Pool Opening Things to Care About Photo by James Pooler

Opening a pool after it’s been winterized isn’t simply a matter of following the closure process in reverse. Even though many of the steps seem to be the same, pool opening in Somerset has its own pace and procedures to mitigate damage to the vessel and its supporting parts and systems, ease water-balancing chores, and avoid expensive as well as extensive repairs.

The first consideration is to make sure the water is completely free of ice, and that it unlikely to freeze again until the next winter. And the other things you should care about are as follows:

Buy New Chemicals

Restock your supply of chemicals and purchase new test strips in preparation for the upcoming swim season.

Prep your Cleaning Equipment

Gather and assemble your cleaning gear, and set it up near the pool deck for easy access. Pull out your safety equipment, as well, check it for any damage before putting it back in service. Review your safety plan, adjust it as necessary, and communicate it to your family and other users of your pool or spa.

Clear the Cover

If you’ve been attentive about keeping your winter pool cover free of debris and standing water, there shouldn’t be lot of debris to remove right before reopening. If possible, direct the debris and water to one side of the cover to prevent it from getting into the water once your remove the cover.

Check for Cracks

Examine the pool walls, floor, pipes, hoses, components of the equipment set and cleaning gear for cracks or fissures. Similarly, repair any surface damage to the waterline tile, coping, deck material, and perimeter drain system caused by frost heave.

Reinstall Accessories

Pull out slides, diving boards and other accessory parts, check them for any damage or make any needed repairs and reattach them securely in place.

Switch on the Power

Reinstall circuit breakers or simply flick the beaker switches at your main electrical service panel to bring power back to the pool’s pump and recirculation system. Switch on the pump and filter to make sure the system is running smoothly. If it needs adjustment, switch off the system then retest.

Vacuum the Pool

With the system running, vacuum the pool walls and floor, beginning at the shallow end and from the tops of the walls to the floor, toward the main drain in the deep end.

Understanding the fundamentals of opening a pool or spa, identifying and making minor repairs, and recognizing when more extensive renovations are required are the main things of being a responsible owner. With the basics ingrained, you’ll soon develop your own routines and systems based on those rules of thumb, and can avoid costly pool repair service in Somerset.

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