The Real Pawn Stars of Orange County

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    Nov 12, 2012
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The words 'pawn shop' immediately puts a certain image in most of our minds.  A surly character sits behind the counter inside a building of iron bars and steel doors making underground and underhanded deals with equally surly down on their luck customers.  We’ve all seen this portrayed in countless movies and television shows throughout the years, and more recently in reality shows like Pawn Stars. 

While these images may be embellished and exaggerated for dramatic effect, they are based on truth.  The traditional pawn shop carries everything from guns to remote control cars and power tools in a very seedy atmosphere.  And, just like on the big screen, there are usually bars on the windows and questionable characters on both sides of the counter adding to the stereotype.  Unfortunately, with the current difficult economic times, many people find themselves in need of the kind of services a pawn shop offers.  Selling, trading and getting loans on watches, jewelry, diamonds and gold has become big business, and until recently a traditional pawn shop was the only place to turn.

Thankfully, a new breed of jewelry and loan business has emerged to shatter this age-old image, and offer customers in need a safe and comfortable place to go.  These businesses carefully follow the numerous laws, which strictly govern this highly regulated industry.  They work with local law enforcement, not against them.  Jewelry-N-Loan in Costa Mesa, CA is one such business, which has established itself as a top standout in this highly competitive field.  

Jewelry-N-Loan is a family owned and operated business.  They specialize in buying, selling, trading and making loans on fine watches, diamonds, jewelry and precious metals like gold and silver.  The atmosphere at the shop is professional, friendly and extremely knowledgeable.  Their shop in Costa Mesa, the heart of Orange County, California, is extremely welcoming.  Upon first step into the store and viewing the beautiful showcases filled with high-end items, it is clear they have created something different and special.

Jewelry-N-Loan breaks away from others in the industry first and foremost by only dealing in high-end watches, diamonds, jewelry and precious metals.  You won’t find any guns, power tools or toys in their showroom.  This ensures that the level of expertise and customer service in dealing with their customers is second to none. 

Which brings us to the second and most important way Jewelry-N-Loan differs from the traditional pawn shop; the way they treat their customers.  The owners, Jack Schechter and his son Mark, understand that some of their clients may have fallen on hard times and need to sell or borrow against their personal and prized possessions as a last resort; and they don’t take that for granted.  Conversely, they realize that buyers in the current economy are hard to find, and so they truly appreciate anyone who is considering making a purchase.  Jack and Mark truly go out of their way to help everyone who walks in their door buy or sell.  They take the time to carefully evaluate the specific needs of each customer and recommend an appropriate solution to benefit all parties.  You won’t find a more “even-handed” and honest approach when buying, selling and borrowing on precious watches, diamonds and jewelry.

Beyond the professional atmosphere and top-notch customer service, one of the cooler things about Jewelry-N-Loan is the building it’s housed in.  It’s difficult to miss their vintage storefront just off the end of the 55 Freeway on Newport Boulevard in the old town stretch of Costa Mesa.  The charming building was originally an ice cream parlor in the 1950’s and over the years has transformed from a locksmith, pottery studio, and formal wear showroom to finally the vintage high-end pawn shop that is Jewelry-N-Loan. 

To preserve the historic value of their little building, Jack and Mark worked with local designer Joe Gerard of Gerard Signs to create a journey back in time.  Gerard Signs hand painted the bright, period specific signage on and around the building to provide a vintage look and feel to the storefront.  Once inside this historic shop, customers are treated to an inviting combination of high-end showcases filled with modern watches and jewelry, along with art and timepieces dating back almost a century.  It’s quite an experience.

Although Jack and Mark haven't always been in the jewelry and loan business, they have been connoisseurs and collectors of fine watches and jewelry all of their lives.  Mark grew up watching his dad give his mom fine pieces for gifts year round.  Once Mark was old enough to afford his own precious items, he found he had inherited his dad's passion for them.  Jack and Mark garnered their business acumen and customer service expertise from their previous careers to create the model for Jewelry-N-Loan.  Jack spent over 43 years in the automobile business and Mark spent over 20 years in corporate sales and management. 

Retiring in 2004, Jack decided to turn his life long hobby into a small business he could "tinker" with.  Meanwhile Mark was busy putting his private education to work climbing the corporate ladder as an executive with a local finance company.  The problem was that Jack was working too hard for someone who was supposed to be slowing down and Mark was traveling too much for the father of three young children.  One brief conversation in 2008 about their dilemmas quickly turned into the small business partnership they now enjoy.  Jack gets to buy, sell, trade and loan on precious items while playing plenty of golf.  Mark gets to put his professional experience to work building their promising business while making most of the kids’ soccer games. 

Jack and Mark have truly created something special and their passion for fine things, a good win/win deal, and excellent customer service shines through in everything they do at Jewelry-N-Loan.

Anyone in Southern California in need of buying, selling or getting a loan on their high-end jewelry, diamonds, watches or precious gold and silver can't go wrong by calling Jewelry-N-Loan at (949) 645-0488.  Their customer service and professional knowledge is unmatched in the industry.  

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