8 Washes for the Price of 1: Commercial Washing Machines

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    Mar 12, 2013
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washing machine
washing machine
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There are several differences between the standard household washing machine and the commercial washing machine. Firstly, a commercial washing machine has a far greater load capacity than a standard household washing machine. Indeed, commercial washing machines are capable of holding anything between 6 to 32 kilograms of laundry in any one spin cycle or, to put it another way, anything between 4 to 8 standard loads of laundry. Thus, in effect, the user of the commercial washing machine can get up to eight washes for the price and all in the time it takes to complete one.

Stay Strong: Durable Commercial Washing Machines

Secondly, a commercial washing machine is always built with durability in mind due to the fact that the majority of commercial washing machines are used by medium to large sized businesses that require a high turnover of laundry on a daily basis.

Organisations such as hotels, leisure centres, hospitals, care homes, restaurants and schools also stand to benefit from the addition of a commercial washing machine to their premises. With the need for durability in mind, commercial washers are built from strong materials, such as stainless steel, and effectively come with a life time guarantee as a result of the fact that the majority of commercial washing machine dealers also provide a full service and maintenance option with their products.

Saving on Money, Saving on Washes

Any business that is seeking to install a commercial washing machine also stands to not only benefit from financial savings as a result of the need to run fewer laundry cycles but also stands to benefit from financial savings as a result of the fact that commercial washers use less water and energy per average load.

Commercial washing machines use approximately ten gallons of water per cycle in comparison with standard washing machines which use approximately seven gallons of water per wash. What you need to bear in mind with this statistic however is that a commercial washing machine using ten gallons of water can wash a load up to eight times larger than a household machine that uses seven gallons. Therefore, those seeking to invest in a commercial washing machine also stand to see a reduction in both the cost of their water bills and their energy bills as a result of the more economical wash cycle offered by a commercial washer.

Washes that You Can Set Your Watch By

Another obvious benefit of the commercial washer is that many models allow you to programme in exactly you want a wash cycle to begin; the machines can be set to run much in the same way that an alarm clock can be set. This additional feature thus allows washing cycle rotas to be worked around staff rotas and can help any business or organisations to minimise its staff cost.

For example, by programming a machine at 10pm to begin a cycle at 4am the following day staff will not need to be on site at 4am to start the cycle and can instead arrive at work after the cycle has finished. This factor is recognised by businesses as another financial advantage of investing in commercial washing machines.

If you are looking to invest in commercial washing machines then it is worth consulting with an online dealer who can offer a choice of products relative to your specific needs.


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