With Video Conferencing Becoming Commoner, International Connections Developing The Network

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    Jul 03, 2013
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full-screen video conferencing with chandar and greg
full-screen video conferencing with chandar and greg
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Video conferencing is fast becoming a common utility. Many also know the codec technology that is behind the procedure. Not that it is absolutely necessary to know the technology part, but knowing definitely makes you a cooler and more conscious participant in the conference. The technology basically requires a camera and a microphone at the user end. In the most basic requirement, a video camera and a connected microphone are needed. Of course, you would also need a TV to participate in the conference. At its most basic format, the conference is between two people. The conference can also include multiple participants. The more participants, the more elaborate setup is needed.

The codec technology

Here's the codec technology. First, the video signal of the camera and the audio signal from the microphone device is converted to a digital signal. These digital signals are then transmitted to a receiving center using a codec, which is a coding and decoding device. This receiving location has another codec device for converting the receiving digital signal stream to a form that can be interpreted on televisions, computer monitors, or specialized white boards. This process enables simultaneous video participation of multiple users, often from different corners of the world. The VoIP technology is also fast becoming popular in setting up such conferences, especially over the internet.

Prioritize based on benefit

Your essential priority is to see that the conference spins out properly. Therefore, check out the basic qualities like video quality and service charges from the various managed video conference service providers. Many industries are on the process of fast incorporating this technology in their regular organizational structure. Take the healthcare and education sectors for example. A doctor from one country can exchange ideas at an international conference of doctors without having to leave his/her chamber. Guest lecturers from various countries can communicate with students from various countries.

You may also want to set up a convenient web conference. This would only require a computer with internet connection, a webcam/camera and a microphone device. This can be a significantly cost effective solution for companies. You need to subscribe to a suitable communication plan with a communication service provider. Such packages offer several features and come equipped with several aspects. Confirm the benefits you can avail before choosing a suitable service provider. You should also verify the efficiency of the technical support department of the provider. The last thing you want is a disconnection or delay in transmission between a conference. See that the provider has the ability to troubleshoot such unforeseen circumstances.

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