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    Mar 02, 2013
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security cameras
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We don’t necessarily live in the times when you can just visit your neighbours and leave your doors unlocked while you are away. Walking down the street to the market isn’t quite what it once was.

While there is no need to let paranoia destroy your sense of peace, you should use it as an extra sense to let you know when it’s necessary to boost security no matter what the scale. Ok, locking your doors might not take that long to do, and neither does a few of these other helpful tips to easily prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

Put Away the Cell Phone

For starters if you are walking home or on the way to your vehicle it is wise to carry your keys in your hand instead of your cell phone. In fact it is recommended that you don’t talk on the phone while walking.

Talking on the phone takes your awareness away from your surroundings and reduces your perception of a possible attack. By holding your keys so that you have one sticking out between your fingers you suddenly have an extra edge if someone tries to attack you.

Make Eye Contact

Another one of the most commonly taught self-defence tactics is as simple as a little bit of eye contact. By making eye contact you let other people know that you are aware of their presence. You don’t have to be glaringly ready to attack, after all the person may just be a friendly stranger. But if they are someone that is trying to evaluate whether or not you are an easy target, letting them know you see them can make them think twice before instigating an attack.

Project Confidence

You can see all across the city that people are increasing their security. Everything from construction site security to continual in-store video surveillance seem to be more and more frequent and for good reason. As some people become more economically challenged they tend to react in ways that are criminal. While you don’t want to allow this negative energy to control your life, you do want to make sure you can feel confident about your security throughout your daily life.

The way you project yourself while walking can also help you. By improving your posture and walking with your shoulders back and your chin up you not only walk better, you also project an air of confidence.

Take a Course if Need Be

Think about it. If you were an assailant would you think more about attacking the person that looks strong, able, and confidant, or would you head toward the cowardly, insecure person? Stay strong and be confidant. Leave construction site security for the construction sites.

If you feel the need to take a couple courses with a trained instructor than by all means do it. Just remember that you can control a lot of your environment simply by staying present. Spend less time talking on the phone while walking, pay attention to your surroundings, and carry your keys like a weapon if you need to.

For your industry or business, is it vital that you invest in a solid security system. For example, if you are involved in construction site security is important to ensure you know that your expensive equipment is protected and safe, to learn more you can visit us online.

Security is paramount, whatever industry you are in. However, some industries require heightened protection and that is why building site security is highly sought after. Grant Thomas has been a frequent contributor for Tag Guard and has written many articles pertaining to all things regarding construction and building site security especially on such subjects as the prevention of copper theft. 

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