For Businesses Large and Small - There is a Commercial Refrigerator to fit all Kitchens

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    Feb 13, 2013
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chest freezer
chest freezer
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Commercial refrigerators are larger and more high tech than residential refrigerators for the home. Every restaurant or food caterer will have a commercial refrigerator in which perishable food is stored and this is necessary as food can go offer quickly in a warm kitchen. This item of furniture is essential to the health of your business. There are several fridge types, from light to heavy-duty tall fridges to worktop or under counter fridges.

Measure Space to Obtain Your Dimensions

Since there are a variety of commercial refrigerators to choose from, one of the first steps is to measure your kitchen environment to attain the dimensions. Height and width are important, but so too is depth. You must ascertain whether there is enough internal storage space to store all of your food. There is no point buying a larger commercial refrigerator if you are a small restaurant. There are also many trusted catering equipment specialists online that can provide you with professional advice.

Choose the Perfect Sized Commercial Refrigerator for Your Needs

Tall upright commercial refrigerators are space saving for smaller kitchens, and some fridge types have wheels for easy movement. The price of these refrigerators varies from £399 to over £1,000. They have adjustable shelves and over 350 litres of space. Double door upright refrigerators offer twice the size of a single fridge, but it will require more space in your kitchen. The prices vary from £899 to over £2,000.

You might have a commercial refrigerator in mind, but if you are preparing cold foods choose a unit with a build in fridge beneath that will allow you the facility to gather fresh produce immediately.

A commercial refrigerator that is easy to clean would suit a bottom mounted condensing unit, while a top mounted condensing unit is better if you do not want food debris to collect inside the unit on the ground floor.

Great Value Commercial Refrigerators

The Sterling Pro Upright Commercial Refrigerator offers over 350 litres of space, a reversible door, automatic defrost feature and six adjustable shelves at a price of £419, including VAT.

The Sterling Pro Gastro Commercial Fridge is heavy duty, top quality and reliable. Business equipment must be reliable, especially in a kitchen environment. It has steel exterior, fitted castors and can work in temperatures of 42°C. While it is more expensive than other commercial refrigerators, it is still great value at £999 plus VAT.

The True Work Top Refrigerator is priced £1,610 including VAT and designed to last. Food retains its freshness for longer, as this fridge retains a temperature of 5 to 3.3°C.

Before buying a commercial refrigerator for your kitchen environment, measure your workspace and choose a fridge that is spacious enough to hold all your perishable items and if you work with cold foods, opt for a fridge with a build in worktop.

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