Why You Need to Repair Damaged Stucco ASAP

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    Aug 25, 2014
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Why You Need to Repair Damaged Stucco ASAP Photo by Brittney Davis

Many homes and businesses in Arizona sport a beautiful stucco exterior and/or interior. Not only does the stucco fit well into the desert, but properly applied stucco can protect a home for many years – maybe even for a lifetime.

However, not all stucco is sound and can lose its integrity. This can sometimes be caused from application or paint not fully protecting it from the elements. In other words, though stucco is a protective property for the exterior of your home, it does lend itself to being vulnerable if not completely coated. For this reason, keeping up with regular maintenance and paint on your home is a must to make sure your home stands the test of time.

In other cases, a home or business many develop stucco problems on the interior or exterior due to physical damage.  For example, older stucco in a high-trafficked area may get damaged over time from rambunctious kids or pets. Damage can occur from weather, automobile accidents or fallen trees.

By performing a regular inspection of your home to look for possible cracks, chips, buckling, bubbling, peeling and other problems with stucco, you can detect any rising issues early. If you see these problems, you’ll need to hire a contractor for stucco repair in Phoenix as soon as possible. That’s because the longer you wait, the more likely it is that your home or business will become damaged beneath the surface, especially from moisture.

Now, you may be wondering what the rush is, since you live in the desert and moisture isn’t a big problem. Anything that gets wet dries fast here, right?

Not exactly.

You see, stucco is designed to keep your home or business insulated. Once moisture gets behind the stucco, it doesn’t dry very easily. What happens next is the moisture damage starts adding up over time. At first you may see some problems with delaminating material, or perhaps you note little bubbles on the wall. With time, however, these “little problems” can create major structural integrity problems or mold. The building may literally be rotting from the inside out, and none of it is visible from the outside.

When this happens, a small Phoenix stucco repair job turns into a major renovation. Once mold is present in a home, a remediation company has to be used due to health risks. Some houses need to be gutted if the problem was left unattended for too long. Homeowners who could have repaired the stucco for a few hundred or a few thousand dollars are suddenly looking at much greater repair costs to fully ensure the safety of their family.

Worse yet, some homeowners don’t even realize they have these problems until they try to sell their home. When a home inspector uncovers the stucco damage, suddenly the homeowners’ dreams of a quick sale evaporate. Then they’re forced to either repair the home on their dollar or sell it at an absolute rock-bottom “salvage” price.

Point is, if you suspect that you have stucco damage, having the necessary repairs done is a must to keep your home or business intact and protected from moisture or even unwanted pests. Spending the time and money for upkeep on your home will in turn save you money in the long run.

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