Fireplace Remodeling: Beyond the Basics

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    Jan 03, 2014
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Fireplace Remodeling: Beyond the Basics Photo by Peter Jack

Wooden mantels are great. And so are traditional brick fireplace designs. Northbrook homeowners though are looking for something a little more. These suburbanites are going beyond the basics and putting the heat back into the fireplace. Reflecting personality and adding function is key and below are some of the latest trends that can transform the ordinary to the fabulous in the fireplace industry:

Corner Fireplaces
If you have an odd-shaped room or want to add some warmth to a smaller room, corner fireplaces lend flexibility in placement and function. Adding some serious style to your Northbrook home, a dramatic corner fireplace with a stylish  can be a perfect addition to completing a basement renovation or living room remodel. Many are also incorporating additional seating into their corner fireplace design.  For example, durable, timeless stucco benches can be added to create wraparound seating in a smaller entertaining area or the stone hearth can be extended to provide a rustic, cozy spot perfect for reading your favorite novel by the fire.

Dual-Sided Heat
Many Northbrook residents are now utilizing the convenience of s by installing a double-sided system. With many homes in the Northbrook area having an “open” feel to them, a dual-sided  can be a perfect and functional solution to heating the home (and all the rooms in it!). These double-duty appliances add warmth simultaneously to two rooms while also creating uniformity between them. Even though this design choice typically features a contemporary look, Northbrook homeowners have seen a huge increase in all different styles and aesthetics.

Metal Finishes
Metal fireplaces are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends out there. Metal can be a cost-effective way to create drama and add a modern touch while providing an easy maintenance fireplace focal point. Mantels and s can now be found in stainless steel, copper and even iron. Whether you want a contemporary or old-world feel, metal can help bring a classic, rich feeling to your Northbrook home’s  and overall room design.

Storage Solutions
Who couldn’t use more storage? With additional space at a premium in the resale market, creating storage solutions is a surefire way to add value to the home while providing a place to house electronics, toys, and other items that can create eye sores in the living room. Many of today’s fireplaces can include additional wood cabinetry that fits seamlessly with the mantel design while complementing the existing home’s overall feel. Bookshelves, cabinets, and floating shelving are also popular choices that many homeowners find fit within their remodeling budgets.

Whether metal finishes, a corner fireplace focal point, or a custom storage unit are your cup of tea, thinking outside the box and beyond the basics is a great way to keep your Northbrook home fresh and up-to-date. Finding ways to add your personal style while utilizing some of the newest trends will always leave you with a fireplace you can be proud to show off to your family and friends.

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