Things to Avoid in a Cabinet Remodel

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    Jul 21, 2014
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Things to Avoid in a Cabinet Remodel Photo by Brittney Davis

Cabinets can be found in just about every room in the house; as such, we think that it is pretty safe to say that they are pretty darn important for your home’s interior design. Cabinets are so important, in fact, that a cabinet remodel alone can drastically improve the look and feel of a room—especially the kitchen and bathroom. However, because even the most extravagantly adorned cabinets seem to be simple by design, many Phoenix residents make the mistake of thinking that a cabinet remodel for their home will be so simple that one hardly has to think about it. This type of thinking should be avoided at all costs, because it WILL cost you big time if you don’t. Let’s take a look at what else you should avoid when getting a cabinet remodel done:

Avoid assuming that custom cabinets are out of your price range

The only way to get exactly what you want is to get it made. Many people, however, avoid adding custom cabinets to their Phoenix, AZ home because they are afraid to even look at the price. You should, however, avoid shying away from custom cabinetry out of fear of the price. Not only can you get exactly what you want and need out of a set of custom cabinets, but they in fact often match or beat the price tag of ready made cabinets.

Avoid just thinking about wood as a cabinet material

In case you didn’t know, there is no Arizona state law against owning cabinets out of something other than wood. You would think that this is otherwise, considering the fact that nearly all of the readymade and custom kitchen cabinets in Phoenix are made entirely of wood. We aren’t saying that wood isn’t a durable, beautiful cabinet material, but you should also think outside of the box and consider alternatives such as the following:

Stainless steel

Steel is a sleek, durable material that can be made any color. Stainless steel cabinets could be the perfect solution to perfect a modern or post-modern interior design.

Synthetic materials

Synthetic cabinet materials have added a new dimension of versatility when it comes to cabinet design. Materials such as laminate (a paper and plastic compound) and thermofoil (a thin layer of vinyl that is molded to MDF) are also surprisingly strong and durable.

Eco-friendly materials

Bamboos, reclaimed wood, scrap metal, etc. is all great examples of eco-friendly alternative materials to the traditional fresh-cut tree wood cabinet.

Avoid cheap cabinets

Even if you get custom kitchen cabinets for your Phoenix home, you could be making a mistake if you do not make sure that they aren’t cheaply made. Here is how to avoid cheap cabinets:

Don’t go low on the price expecting quality

This one is a no-brainer. Unless you get extremely lucky, you aren’t going to find cabinets way below the standard cost.

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Even if you are paying a pretty penny for a cabinet, you could still be receiving a low-quality product. Remember that materials aren’t all that matter. You need to consider the composition AND craftsmanship of a cabinet candidate. Determining quality is usually fairly easy. Low-quality wood cabinets, for example, can usually be easily spotted via a rough, splintery texture to the inside of the doors. Don’t be afraid to rub a cabinet to see how it feels.

Avoid a DIY cabinet remodel

You need a Phoenix home remodeling contractor to help you with your cabinet remodel. Period. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, a cabinet’s simple appearance belies its complex nature; trying to do it yourself will only result in a sea of frustration, additional costs and shoddy work. Letting a Phoenix home remodeling contractor do the job for you will save you money and headaches.

Avoid paying for the entire cabinet remodel upfront

Even if you hire the Phoenix home remodeling contractor out there, do not pay for the entire job up front. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t expect to pay a deposit upfront, but you shouldn’t pay for the actual job until it is done, not matter what the Phoenix home remodeling contractor is promising you.

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