Is Vinyl Flooring a Good Sustainable Option

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    Jan 07, 2014
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Is Vinyl Flooring a Good Sustainable Option Photo by Quality  Carpet

If you are thinking of using vinyl flooring in your home, you are one of the millions of families who are stepping on a piece of history. Vinyl flooring first received its national introduction at the 1933 Century of Progress International Exposition, more commonly known as the Chicago World’s Fair. The world converged some eighty years ago to commemorate the city’s 100th anniversary where the city introduced the latest wonders of nature, science, and technological advancements. Today, global preservation and environmental consciousness is at the forefront of technology. Is vinyl flooring a good sustainable option for your family?

Vinyl flooring contains layers of material starting with a core of very versatile plastic. The backing is generally composed of felt or fiberglass. The layer sitting on top of the core holds the printed design layer. That makes vinyl so adaptable because it comes in a wide range of stone, marble, wood, brick, and contemporary designs. Vinyl holds up well against scratching, denting, and tearing. It cleans easily, is stain resistant, and requires no waxing.

The verdict is still in discussion about some aspects of vinyl and sustainability. On the right hand side of the issue, part of the environmental community believes the main component in vinyl, PVC is the single most damaging of all plastic components. This is because PVC manufactures releases large quantities of hazardous by-products at several points during production. On the left hand side, the US Green Building Council feels there is no evidence to support that PVC is consistently any worse on an environmental and health basis than other alternative materials. Add to that the indisputable durability, reasonable pricing, and easy maintenance, and vinyl stands as an overall thumbs up.

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