The Secret to How Your Plumber is Estimating the Price of Your Job

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    Aug 09, 2014
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The Secret to How Your Plumber is Estimating the Price of Your Job Photo by Colin Armstrong

Plumbers need to have the professional expertise required to perform a quick and accurate estimate. In the industry, it is considered good practice to provide a written estimate and to stick to this estimate. Getting it wrong can lead to a lot of embarrassment for any plumbing agency.

Customers also need to know how estimates are conducted, so they know they are getting a fair deal. This is why in this article we are going to discuss how agencies like provide their estimates.

A Visit to the Site

The fact is most plumbing jobs are easy to provide a quotation for without a visit. Most professionals will be able to give you an idea of how much they will charge for a clogged toilet or a leaky tap. They will not need to visit your home or business to figure it out.

Sometimes, it will be necessary to conduct a visit. This is because the details matter. It is not a case of looking at the symptoms of a problem and coming up with a solution. For example, a leaking tap could be indicative of a broken part or a much deeper issue. You just do not know until a thorough inspection has been conducted.

The Blueprints

Plumbing professionals are also responsible for building new plumbing systems. They will have blueprints for these jobs. A Plumbers in Glasgow will inspect these blueprints and begin listing the materials they will need to purchase and how long the job will take to finish.

Estimates and Quotes

It is not just the customer who gets an estimate. To give you an accurate quote, plumbers will go to a local supplier and get an idea of how much the materials will cost. This is not where they make their profits. The price they pay for materials is the price you will pay them for the materials. You are paying for their labour not their supplies.

Most plumbing agencies will already have deals with local suppliers, which lower their costs due to them being regular customers.

Additional Expenses

Any miscellaneous overheads will be added on to the total bill. There are many added fees they have to take into account to keep their business afloat. Some of these expenses include:

1. fuel
2. insurance
3. taxes.

Most plumbers will aim to make about a 25% profit margin. This is what they will charge for their labour costs. Everything else goes towards covering what they have to pay out to initiate the job.

Written Estimate

Responsible consumers should always look to have some form of written estimate. You do not want to receive an estimate verbally only to discover this is not the price you are charged when the job has been completed. There’s nothing you can do to prove the original quote, so you’re left with a bad taste in your mouth from having to pay more.

Always remember an estimate is an estimate and nothing more. If the cost does need to increase, due to unforeseen problems, it’s considered good practice for them notify their customer of this as soon as possible. You should the choice as to whether they continue the project.

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