Tips To Maintain Your Boiler

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    Dec 03, 2013
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Tips To Maintain Your Boiler Photo by Nick Agur

Most dwellers and maintenance manager knows that if they want their heating system to work for a long period, they must pay attention to boiler maintenance. Boiler maintenance in Peterborough not only makes it reliable but also reduces boiler operating and energy costs, improves safety and increases its life.

Thinking how to maintain your boiler? Then keep reading. The article here aims to provide you guidance for performing preventive maintenance on an established schedule.

Daily Boiler Maintenance

• Inspect the floor under and around your boiler for water leakage.

• Make sure your boiler area is clear and free from combustible materials.

• Frequently check the pressure or temperature readings to ensure they’re within the designed range.

• Check whether the vent termination is blocked by snow, ice or debris. Also, check your boiler for unusual noises or vibrations.

If you find any of the above problems call the plumber in Peterborough and ask for advice. These problems can be corrected effortlessly by you.

Periodic Maintenance

• First and foremost, you must check the flue gas vent piping and combustion air piping for any signs of blockage, leakage or deterioration.

• Also, check the boiler relief valve and discharge pipe for weeping or leakage. Finally, check the condensate drain system for blockages.

• After analysing the above two factors, now inspect boiler hydronic piping for leaks. Check burner flame (if possible). If the flame changes from the norm, take immediate action.

Yearly Service

Annual servicing should be performed by central heating specialists as it is a risky task. So, it is better you hire an expert for annual maintenance by doing few home work. Select the specialist after researching thoroughly and check his accreditation as well as certifications. Your hired specialist will do the following to make your boiler reliable:

• They meticulously inspect your heating system and identify problems, if any.

• Inspect all the boiler wiring & connections, and clean your boiler heat exchanger.

• Ensure that the water PH level is right.

• Inspect, clean and flush the condensate system along with the burner assembly, ignitor and flame sensor.

• Inspect venting system, air inlet, vent terminations for blockage, corrosion or deterioration and also ensure all joints and connections are right.

• After boiler inspection and cleaning, they finally check the boiler operation.

All this preventive maintenance is necessary for your boiler’s good performance. Then why wait, start inspecting your boiler and save your hard earned money on costly repairs.

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