A Complete Guide To Applying For The Thailand Visa

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    Jul 15, 2014
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A Complete Guide To Applying For The Thailand Visa Photo by Yogesh Verma

“The land of smiles”, also known as the Thailand, is a very pleasant country to visit as for business or even for pleasure. However, before you plan your trip to this country, you will definitely need a Thailand visa. In order to get a Thai visa easily and faster, you can also apply for a Thailand visa online. Here we give you the complete guide to applying for a Thailand visa

Finding the right visa

There are several types of visa available to citizens who are travelling to Thailand. You can apply for the Thai visa on the basis of the purpose of your travel. If you are traveling to the country for a visit, you can apply for a tourist visa. If you are stopping over at Thailand for a few hours, you can use the transit visa to sight see and spend those few hours as per your own convenience. If you are staying for a long term, for business, employment, education, medical, religion or marriage purposes you need to apply for a separate visa under the non- immigrant visa. Each visa has different requirements therefore if you are applying for a Thailand visa online, you can check the necessary requirements for a particular visa for your trip.

Document requirements for the Thailand visa

Since each Thailand visa type requires different documents, it is best to check online to see which type of visa requires what kind of documents. The most generic documents needed are as follows:
• Passport or any travel document that has a validity of not less than 6 months with two opposite blank page

• The Thailand visa completely filled out with accurate details and no mistakes.

• Two recent photographs of the applicant against a white background

• Confirmed tickets, either one way or two way.

• Proof of adequate finance in the form of bank statements and original signature or bank stamp  or in the form of  the credit card issued by a bank or financial institution along with the credit card statement from the previous month

• Proof of hotel or lodging accommodation which includes details covering the number of days staying in Thailand, or letter of invitation along with the inviter’s ID or passport.

• An International Health Certificate on Yellow Fever Vaccination for applicants traveling from 45 countries

Application process

Visit the Thailand Visa application center and submit your form and documents. The visa fees vary with accordance to the visa type you have applied for. You will have to pay the fees in demand draft mode, and service charges in cash mode only while submitting your application. Once your submission is done, you can track your application for Thailand Visa Online through the unique barcode given to you at the time of application submission. Once you have the approval, you can either collect your visa and passport at the center or get it couriered to you.

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