The Masculine Game of Kabaddi

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    Apr 22, 2013
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The Masculine Game of Kabaddi Photo by Ram Kausik

The earthy sport of Kabaddi has been spreading through the world like a fresh breath of air. It is the au natural, down to earth counterpart of professional wrestling. Main difference being while wrestling is usually between individual players or tag teams consisting of three or less members, Kabaddi usually involves team effort of seven or more members. Kabaddi is very famous in South Asia, especially in its country of origin- India. Even though Indian Kabaddi has its roots in India, the country that adopted this particular sport as its national recreational activity is Bangladesh. The game has garnered a lot of popularity in the rural areas of the country and is quickly picking up pace in the neighboring countries.

The sport shares many characteristic attributes with wrestling and grappling. One of the parallels would be the strain and effort spent on sculpting the players’ bodies into a fighting machine. The players should have three necessary staples of criteria. One, they must be strong; two, they must be agile; and three, they must be skillful. The most important attribute of the three is the skillfulness as it is impossible to win if you don’t know how to use the strong body that you have. Injuries are a common and inevitable part of the game. For the sole purpose of giving the players time to recuperate and recover, consecutive Kabaddi tournaments are shunned. Instead sporadic matches are encouraged in an intermittent level.  According to statistical data recorded from various sources of Kabaddi news and information, it has been proven that players with a shorter build and hefty limbs tend to perform better than people of gigantic proportions. It is also a well-known fact that the ideal body- fat percentage of a Kabaddi player should be below thirteen percentages.

It is needless to say that since Kabaddi demands the display of around eighty percent of your naked skin while playing, marinating the body becomes an essential part of the routine. Just like in wrestling, the body muscles are toned, buffed and chiseled to perfection. To make them even more attractive, they are adorned with elaborate and conspicuous tattoos of all kinds and glazed all over with oil. Since most of the Indian Kabaddi players are of Punjabi origin, you can see most of these players with clichés such as lions, tigers, daggers etc that are symbols of courage and bravery. Kabaddi videos make for excellent entertainment as all of the above are pictured comically in full colour.

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