Koneru Humpy Queen of 64 Chess Squares

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    Feb 26, 2013
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Koneru Humpy Queen of 64 Chess Squares Photo by Ram Kausik

Koneru Humpy is a brilliant female chess player and she fell love with the chess game. She won National Chess Championship in the year 1995 when she was at the age of eight and also she won the World Junior Girls chess Championship title in the year 2006. In Elekes Memorial Grand Master tournament, she earned third Grand Master title for her wonderful play. In 2006 Doha Asian Games, she won two Gold Medals in individuals and also Team events chess game. In 2007, Humpy earned 2606 points in FIDE rating. She is the second Women who scored and crossed 2600 points in the history of chess score board. Again, Humpy made proud to the Nation by achieving the World championship Finalist in 2011. She won the International Open chess tournament in the year of 2007.

The Indian chess team has another outsmart Grand Master Viswanathan Anand achieved five time World Chess Championship title in 2012. Viswanathan Anand leads Loek Van of Holland. He beats Loek and scored 5-3 points in the round 7. His Standard rating is 2772. He got the FIDE Grand Master Title in 1988. India has powerful Chess Grand Master Team Viswanathan, Hari Krishna, Humpy, Gopal G.N., Sasikiran and many more.

She got three prestigious awards for the year 2002 to 2008. She received 'Arjuna Award' in 2003, 'Padma Shri' Award in 2007 and Raja Lakshmi Award in 2008 for the youngest Women Chess Championship. Koneru Humpy profile is the best record for the upcoming chess players. Her Standard rating is 2597. She got the FIDE Woman Grand Master title in 2001 and Grand Master in 2002.

In Women's World Chess Championship 2012 Tournament she played against Denise Frick (South Africa chess player) and Harika played against Soumya Swaminathan. The prize amount is Dollar 4,50,000. On the first round  participating players receive euro 3750, for the second round euro 5500, for the third round 8000 euro, for the fourth round 12,000 euro, for the semi final 20,000 euro, for silver medalist euro 30,000 and final championship receives 60,000 euro. At the end of the first round Koneru Humpy won and scored 2-0 points against Frick. Harika also beat Soumya and she scored 1.5-0.5. In the second round the USD 450000 prize amount will be partitioned to 32 players. Both the Indian Queen's entered in the second round of Women's chess game. Koneru has lost quarter final match. Harika enter into Quarterfinals games against China's Zhao Xue goes to tiebreak. She is a famous women Chess Player in India. In the year 2008, she has been First Indian Women received an IGM title in chess. She broke the record of Judit Polgar’s in obtaining the youngest Women chess title.

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