Kumar Gives Hell to the England Team

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    Jan 22, 2013
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The 4th ODI in the series between England and India is yet to take place In Mohali on the 23rd of January. While England had the upper hand when they won the first match of the series at Rajkot, India made an amazing comeback by beating the rivals at home turf in a landslide of 127 runs.

Following their embarrassing defeat at Kochi, the English were hoping to break even with another win in their favor at Ranchi; but the support and enthusiasm in favor of the Indians at Mahendra Singh Dhon’s native place coupled with India’s desperate need to prove themselves after the disastrous results they reaped in 2012, motivated the Indian cricket team to give the match their best shot. Surprisingly enough, their best shot was exactly what was required for India to claim victory and a lead of 2-1 in the One Day International Series.   

With some of the best players retired or on the bench, India had a very few fixtures to look forward to. Ever since their shameful return home from the away test series, Indian captain Dhoni had come under fire and also close to being ‘fired’. Thanks to luck and most probably some officials at the BCCI, Dhoni captured back the captain position which was dangled in front of Virat Kohli in the mean time. Kohli has shown a level of consistency that has pleased both his fans and comrades alike. The 77 runs that he acquired while batting it out during the series at Kochi, earned him the ‘man of the match’ award.

With the heavy weights gone, lesser known cricketers are coming up and taking their places based on their talents. Ravindra Jadeja, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ashok Dinda and Bhuvneshwar Kumar are all legends in the making.    Of these players, Kumar in particular has been making it extra hard for the English team to acclimate to the whole ongoing ODI situation. During the second ODI at Kochin, he bowled all of his ten overs on a roll to come up with a three wickets for twenty nine runs score. The three wickets that he took was equivalent to destroying the metaphoric pillars of the England team, because it didn’t take long after that for them to collapse. Another notable achievement in Bhuvneshwar Kumar profile will be the tag of the’ first bowler to dismiss Sachin Tendulkar for a duck’. Apart from being a bowler, he is also a middle order batsman.

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