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    May 14, 2013
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India Photo by Ram Kausik

If were to take the recreational preference of India, taking into consideration it’s whole demographic, then we are most certainly going to find out that the ‘Outdoor’ sports beat out the ‘in door’ sports by a very large margin. We Indians are people who like the smell of fresh earth and color of the lush green grass and the brilliant blue sky. We like to get our hands dirty as there is no fun like the filthy kind. In spite of the moms screaming at the kids for ages about good hygiene and avoiding mud stains, the kids still come back home with bruised knees, scruffy clothes and a big old grin on their faces. But let us not be quick to sell our indoor games short. While the outdoor game sare all about the physical stamina and ability, indoor games provide the kinds with the mental exercise they require. Games like chess, checkers, even Caroms for that matter, sharpens you acumen and gets those grey cells some action as well.

And champions like Vishwanath Anand and Manuel Aaron have been huge inspiration of an intellectual kind to kids everywhere. Following are some of the greatest chess player that India has ever seen.

Koneru Humpy is one of the best female Chess players that Indian has seen to date. All of 25, she already holds a number of records in chess. She was adjudged Asia's youngest International Woman Master in the year of 1999. She is also regarded as the World’s youngest Women Grandmaster to be given a complete Grand Master status.

Manuel Aaron is revered as the first International chess master from India. He has won the national chess championship a record nine times. He is also the very first chess player to be awarded the Arjuna award.

Parimarjan Negi might look like a kid and may, in physical aspects, still be a teenager, but his mind has as they, is wise beyond his years. He is the youngest Indian to be bestowed with the Grand master title.

Krishnan Sasikiran has won the Grand master title besides many other plaudits in Chess tournaments. He Won the Hastings International Chess Congress, England, in 2001 and the year after that. He also won the Politiken Cup in Copenhagen.
Viswanathan Anand profile is the most famous of all the chess players in India. He has reaped a large number of honors in the field of chess, like no other Indian.

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