My Nephew did it : Raina

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    Mar 20, 2013
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My Nephew did it : Raina Photo by Ram Kausik

Affairs with Pakistan have also been a touchy topic for the Indians. I am sure the sentiment is mutual if not more sensitive in the other end. Blame it on nearly six decades of misunderstandings and opinions lost in translation or the ego clash that stems from being too identical in nature to the other party. We have been at loggerheads with each other since before the partition and continue to remain so long after everything has been said and done.

When you transcend the existing incongruity to a field like cricket where good sportsman ship is demanded of each and every person irrespective of their gender or nationality, it morphs in to a highly saturated rivalry threatening to explode any second. This is the very reason why any match between India Cricket team and Pakistan cricket team is a solid entertainer. The Indian crickets are a diplomatic lot. When it comes to Pakistani cricket team the word ‘Tact’ could very well be their middle name. It’s very rare that one of them gets caught up in a huff of any sort. Last year there was that incident with Ishant Sharma and another player of the Pakistan team. But words were exchanged; hands were shook and before you know it they were behaving as a couple of long lost pals.

Then there was this incident involving a micro blogging site where Suresh Raina ‘mis-tweeted’. Social networking sites and micro blogging forums such as Facebook and twitter have been the living end of many a celebrity. Sports stars are not exactly shy of the tweeting revolution that has gripped the whole wide world. Once you put it out there, there isn’t much you can do to retract before it goes viral. So when Raina passed an inappropriate comment against the Pakistani team, the internet vultures were quick to latch on to the statement and circulate it to practically everyone, even though Raina had deleted the tweet almost immediately.

The fact that Raina decided to blame the scandalous tweet on a ‘make- believe’ nephew only made the matters even worse. He said that his nephew had got hold of his smart phone and had his way with it. Not only did the people not buy this story, but it also led to a surge of internet humor and memes with Raina smack in the middle. This has definitely been a red blot on Suresh Raina profile.

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