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    Jan 15, 2013
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Biking no matter if it is for exercise, fun or as a mode of transportation, proper safety techniques can reduce your chances of having an accident.  There are about 51,000 bicycle accidents per year, and even at low speeds, the results can be devastating.  The following are some important safety considerations for bicyclists, as well as what to do when the worst comes true.

Stay visible!

Remember, you are much less visible than anything else on the road.  Do all you can to attract the attention of drivers.  Wear brightly colored clothing or reflective gear, if possible.  Make eye contact with any drivers in your vicinity.  Use hand signals to indicate what you are getting ready to do.

Obey traffic rules

Now is not the time to take chances.  When the majority of accidents are caused by motorists, anything you do to flout the rules of the road or take unnecessary risks only increases the chances you could be in a major accident.  Do not ride against traffic, as most motorists are not expecting to see you coming in the opposite direction.  Do not pass cars on the right side, as this is the worst blind spot for a motorist, and again, they are not expecting it.  Obey all lane indications.  After all, doesn’t it upset you when a car uses a bicycle lane for turning?

Maintain the Bike

If you do have to respond quickly to a traffic condition, your bicycle should be in optimum condition.  There are times when you may have to brake quickly, swerve or otherwise maneuver out of trouble.  In those instances, you will want your equipment to perform at its best.  Regular maintenance decreases the chance you will experience a significant injury due to equipment failure.

Be aware of your situation

The majority of accidents are caused by motorists who either underestimate the amount of time it will take them to pass a bicyclist or who do not see them altogether.   Knowing that a full third of all accidents happen at intersections should cause you to take extra caution in these areas.  But situational issues do not only apply to other vehicles.  Are you wearing your helmet?  You might if you consider that 98% of all fatalities involve a helmetless rider.

What if the worst comes true?

No one plans for an accident.  But if an accident should happen, you will want the best Arizona bicycle accident lawyer available in your area.  This means you need to turn to Wade and Nysather.  Our 20 years of experience can help you get the legal expertise you need – and we only collect if you win your case.  Consider our authoritative legal team a critical member of your cycling safety routine!

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