Knighted Cricketers

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    May 09, 2013
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Knighted Cricketers Photo by Ram Kausik

Since time immemorial, man has always wanted to achieve the impossible. The plausible on the other hand seemed passé to beings obsessed with breaking the barrier. It was that kind of thing that proved that Earth was not flat as our ancestors would have us believe, but was in fact round without an edge from which you can fall off into the deep abyss. We have utilized and capitalized on our one true asset that gives us an advantage over our fellow earthly inhabitants- our brains or grey matter as I would like to call it. But while our brains might be stuffed with knowledge and unnecessary facts of all sorts, wisdom comes naturally to a blessed few.

We look around, we see the animals, birds and fishes, doing things which in all probability, we will never be able to accomplish. Let’s take flying for example; it’s been tried over and over again for centuries without much progress, if you don’t take mechanical aerial devices into consideration. Then there is the whole underwater scene; but no matter how many oxygen tanks we pile on to our swimming gear, we won’t be able to swim with the fishes for long without eventually having to ‘sleep with the fishes’ as well. But then again we are a persistent race. So we try to match those terrain creatures in matters of strength, speed and skills. While strength is definitely proving to be out of question, Usain Bolt has proved that it is not exactly impossible to compete with the Cheetah, for the title of the fastest animal. The Jamaican sprinter, aptly nicknamed the ‘lightning bolt’, is regarded and revered to a certain extent as the fastest man in the world.

He is the first person in history to simultaneously hold the world records for both the 100 meters and 200 meters. He, along with his team mates, have set another record in the 4×100 meters relay. He not only repeated his epic triple win, of 2008 Beijing Olympics, at the 2012 London Olympics, but also set another record in the process. Ever since the astounding feat, Usain Bolt profile has seen the best of life to date. The awards keep flowing in-  the IAAF Male Athlete of the Year, the AIPS Sportsman of the Year award, t he US Sports Academy Athlete of the Year award and many more followed. Now the Jamaican is looking forward to defending his titles at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

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