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    May 22, 2013
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Victoria Azarenka Boyfriend Photo by Ram Kausik

You know her as the world number one, as of 2013, in the highly competitive sport of Tennis. She is the first Belarusian player to win a Grand slam of any kind in singles. She has not one but two consecutive Australian Open singles titles. She has is an Olympic gold and bronze medalist at the 2012 London Olympics and she is also the recipient of two mixed doubles Grand Slam titles. In short, she is an extra ordinarily talented tennis player. Her plethora of plaudits alone can make you week in your knees and give a seriously huge insecurity complex to any of her competition. I am talking about none other than Belarusian tennis player and ace shuttler- Victoria Azarenka.

She recently took home another Grand slam title by giving her competitor Li NA, the thrashing of a life time at the Australian Open on 26 January 2013. It was a thoroughly scrappy match between two players of almost the same gumptions and talent. Some injuries that Li sustained after falling down a few times, tipped the match in Victoria’s favor. After the match was won and defeat conceded by Li, all she had to state was the obvious, that Victoria Azarenka did put up a better performance than her.

So we can fully agree, Victoria Azarenka profile is a phenom to behold. Now my question to you will be- “How can a woman of supposedly conformist tastes make a boyfriend out of Stefan Kendal Gordy?” And who is this Stefan Kendal Gordy, you ask. He is better known by another pseudonym- Red Foo. That’s right; I’m talking about the brain child behind the Party Rock Anthem; the one half of the eccentric music duo known as the LMFAO. This players are very clever in order to win the championship title.

If you have switched on the radio for at least of a few hours at any point last year, you could not have possibly missed out on the funky beats of the song ironically titled “I’m sexy and I know it.” If you still can’t put a face to the name, think of a goofy lanky dude, with a big red afro and thick huge glass frames. Not particularly casting judgment on his and her strange choice in a partner, but one has to admit, it is in fact a strange sight to visualize the party boy and the tennis queen together. But you know what they say; opposites attract!

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