Boots: For Style and Purpose

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    Feb 12, 2014
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Photo by Beau B

Investing in a pair of Justin Cowboy Boots is what I did a few years ago. This decision came about because my employer allowed us the opportunity to wear western attire in honor of the local Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

I've found these boots to be very comfortable. The heels are about 1 1/2 inches. For me, I like the low heels. These boots along with other kinds of boots, whether they're for work, dress, hunting or combat normally covers the ankles and sometimes the lower leg.

In order for me to keep my boots in good condition, I must take good care of them. Some of the things I will do to make this happen are:

If they get wet

I will not put my boots in the closet if they're wet without stuffing them with newspaper or a cedar boot tree. This is an item I need to purchase it's around $8.00. It keeps the toe of the boot from curling up in the front.

Before applying soap

I will make sure that my boot is not soiled heavily with mud. If they're dusty, I'll use a brush to knock off most of it.

Accessory Investment

I will purchase a cedar boot tree to preserve the shape of my boots.

Conditioning my boots

I will condition my boots regularly to avoid cracks. I will buy mink oil to seal in moisture for my boots.

Cowboy boots are made in two ways by machine or hand crafted. The manufactured boots are mass-produced with a lot of them in the market place. This way you are more than likely to see someone else wearing your style of boot. To get a boot hand crafted will cost more money because they are built to the requirements of the client. The boots sole and upper part is bounded together by thread. A cemented boot uses glue to link the two parts. Before this, the boot is sent to the cutting department, and the leather is treated, dyed and cut to a pattern. Afterwards the designs and features of a boot are made, and lastly; the heel and polishing are done.

I'm glad that I invested in my pair of Justin Cowboy Boots so far I've worn them with jeans. Next, I want to style them in a denim dress. With boots, they can be worn in various situations. That's why purchasing a pair for work, dress, combat, hunting, or western wear will make this a nice investment.



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