Michigan Wedding Checklist

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    Dec 21, 2012
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If you’ve elected to plan a Michigan wedding, you at least have general locale checked off on your list of things to do before the exciting nuptial event. As the day approaches, use the checklist below to help you ensure that all the elements you require for a once-in-a-lifetime event goes off without a hitch. The Michigan wedding checklist includes:

• Exact location – Have you always envisioned being married in a traditional church setting? Perhaps you are open to the idea of an outdoor wedding, but aren’t sure about the exact locale. Visiting sites such as www.CastleFarms.com can help you make your decision regarding venue easier. Browse pictures of weddings and identify what you like. This will help you craft your own ceremony and celebration, and will ultimately determine whether you elect o be married in a Michigan garden, a church, or in another suitable location.

• Budget – If you aren’t sure about the prospect of paying perhaps thousands of dollars for floral arrangements, a Michigan garden wedding may be the right decision for you and your intended’s big day. By allowing Mother Nature to provide the decorations, you negate the need to purchase additional flowers. If you do choose to be married in another setting, there are ways to cut down on the floral costs; for instance, instead of purchasing separate centerpieces for the reception flowers, ask your bridesmaids to place their bouquets in vases on each table. That way, flowers do double-duty, and their beauty is extended from the ceremony to the reception.

• Style – What type of dress will your wedding party elect to wear? For brides who envision a cathedral-length train and veil, a traditional setting is likely to be their first choice. For the fashion-forward bride who only is looking at mermaid-style gowns, an outdoor wedding may be perfect. Tea-length dresses look chic and appropriate at a garden wedding, while intricate gowns fit right in at a church.

• Keep in mind however that this is just a general guide. If you have always envisioned your Michigan wedding in a garden and you plan to wear your mother’s vintage dress, go right ahead. The day is about you and your beloved, not about following a cultural norm.

Good luck as you plan your Michigan wedding. By using the checklist detailed above, you should have an easier time deciding what is necessary in order for your nuptials to be specific and memorable.

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