Life In Two Ways

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    Sep 04, 2012
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LIFE….in the  books we find out many words about the meaning of life and wish many other researchers has told us about life. But still we humans our self can tell about life, because we are the ones living the life and also knows how the life treats us.

Because a child of today can tell little about how life is taking him or her over and also an adult can also do the same thing too, everyday in the street I meet men and women who are complaining about life, then you will have to know what life is all about and not what many people explains in the book..when you take good look at your self then you will know that your life is all about and your life will tell you a  good story also about what other people life is all about too.Many student goes to the book shop or to any place searching for a book about life, when yours is enough for you to understand what the table of life is all about. Here in this book you will see how life is all about and how life treat human in two ways too. 

Life in our learning and understanding, it has a lot of meaning and not one meaning, just the way God has a lot of name, that  is how life also has a lot of meaning that we can not explain. Life is Reality, Confident, Determination,  Courage, jealousy, Love, Poverty, Pain, Death, Wealth, Health, Sickness, Problem, all this things are life and they all come into human life with time and dates. So when you want to know life, then you have to follow the lines of this things and then you will see that they are in every humans life. 

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Author Sekou Kone...Destiny is our destination

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