How the Illuminati is Organized in the U.S. and How They Make Money

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    Sep 04, 2012
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The secret society that runs the world best known as the Illuminati are a muti- billion dollar industry.  They control most of the muti -national corporations. But they have many other "dark operations" of making money. The number one thing they do is banking.  The original Illuminists were bankers. They hire highly trained financiers to organize their money, and to funnel illicit funds into more "respectable" fronts. They also have "benevolent charities" as fronts to funnel money. All of their banking trails lead to Belgium, the Illuminati financial center of the world.

Drug running is perhaps the second biggest money maker for them. They make untold billions of dollars each year bringing drugs into the U.S. using the Mafia.

The Illuminati are linked in many cities with pornography, prostitution, and white slavery sales. Porn is a billion dollar business.  They used mostly children. These children are photographed and filmed in every type of pornography available, including beastality and snuff films.

Most of all arms sold around the world to governments for war is sold by the Illuminati. They have an International Gun running operation.  The hiring and selling assassinations, military trainers or mercenary groups like Blackwater, buying access codes for military computers are also money making ventures for the Illuminati.  The Illuminati like having access to military computers, because that will gain them entrance to closed files all over the world.

In every major city in the USA , the Illuminati have groups, however, there are about 18  major "power centers" that  are very important to the Illuminati.  These cities include: Washington D.C. and surronding areas, Albany, NY., Pittsburg, PA.,The Golden triangle of Winston Salem, Raleigh, NC. area., Minneapolis, MN, Ann Arbor, MI., Wichita, KS., Phoenix, AZ., Portland, OR. Flagstaff, AZ, Seattle, WA., Houston,TX., Los Angeles, CA., and surrounding areas, Atlanta, GA, New Orleans, LA., and Springfield, Miss.  These cities funnel money for them, conduct research, and often-regional councils sit within them.

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