Take Care of Your Feet this Summer

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    Apr 30, 2013
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Ethnic Fashion
Ethnic Fashion
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Feet are funny things. Some people love them while other people hate them. No matter where you stand on feet it is important to take care of them. With the right care your feet will look at their best all year round and help you to get through your day without any pain. The problem is many people tend to neglect their feet and this can lead to feet that look poorly looked after and unattractive. One of the major issues is faced by women who find it difficult finding large size ladies shoes.

Wearing the Wrong Size Shoe Can Damage Your Feet

If you are unable to find the right sized shoe you may be tempted to squeeze your feet into shoes that do not fit correctly. This can result in blisters and calluses as well as more painful problems such as corns and cracked heels. No one wants to see these conditions and no one wants the pain that comes with them, so how can you deal with these problems if you face them?

Find Shoes that Fit You

The first thing to do is look at the shoes you are currently wearing. If they are pinching your skin or are not fitting correctly go and have your feet measured. Women’s extra wide shoes can be especially difficult to source, the high street often only have shoes up to a size 7 or 8 and therefore a lot of women opt for a smaller shoe so they can wear the designs they want. Looking online for shops that specialise in catering for larger feet is the best way to ensure you can find fashionable styles that fit.

Treat Hard Skin and Corns

The next step is to deal with any of the issues you are already facing. Changing your shoes to ones that fit correctly will solve the problem but you may have to treat the problem to regain attractive feet that don’t cause you any pain. If you have hard skin or corns you may need to go and see a foot specialist to remove the build-up of thickened skin. Thick skin and corns are a result of pressure being applied to that part of the foot.

To treat the skin at home you will need to soak your feet for ten minutes so the skin is softened. You can then use a foot file or a pumice stone to gently but firmly remove the hard skin. Always move the file or the pumice in one direction to avoid damaging the skin. Finally end by applying lashings of thick foot cream that has a beeswax base. The beeswax will help your skin to heal and grow healthily and ensure your feet remain soft to prevent cracking.

Never wear shoes that are too small if you cannot find large size ladies shoes that fit. Look online to find a specialist stockist with a good collection of fashionable footwear.

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