Three Funky Ideas for a Fun Wedding Reception

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    Jan 30, 2014
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Three Funky Ideas for a Fun Wedding Reception Photo by Adele Drssner

Wedding day is a special day for any couple who is tying the knot in any corner of the world – whether they are in the west or in the east, whether they are black, white, brown or yellow, whether they are rich or poor. Wedding receptions, everywhere, are major events that demand a great deal of planning and coordination. Wedding event makers across the world are trying to bring in new ideas to make their receptions stand out from other wedding parties.

Over the years, weddings have moved away from being religious, solemn events in churches to entertaining events in other more romantic locations and sometimes extra-ordinary venues. Weddings now-a-days are solemnised in the hearts of forests, on mountain tops, aboard yachts, on beaches and even in underwater locations!

Functions are replete with themed activities and games in addition to the usual dance and music. It would suffice to say that wedding ideas are getting wackier and quirkier by the day. Wedding ideas are now becoming more and more unconventional as regards the bride’s and groom’s attire, the reception venue, the arrangements and the theme of the event. Just for the heck of it, let us consider three unconventional wedding ideas.

Imagine a wedding on a tall ship that is drifting in the wind, gently swaying on the waves. Visualize the best men dressed as pirates with the groom being the chief pirate. Imagine the pirates stealing the bride along with the bridesmaids from the shores and boarding the yacht, with some pirates on board pulling the ropes, hoisting the sails and steering the ship away from the shore. Wouldn’t such a wedding be fun – with the groom dressed in a pirate’s hat, ruffled shirt with a frilly front, black coat and boots, with an eye patch, red scarf, hand hook, and the whole works? Of course, the bride would be in a full, flowing dress, straight from the nineteenth century.

Another exciting idea would be a jungle-themed wedding in the forest or the deep woods. The groom and the bride should be dressed as Tarzan and Jane. Guests can come in clothes with animal print or in camouflage dresses to suit the setting. The kids could be in animal costumes. The groom can enter the scene swinging from a vine – if he is game – why not? There’s no limit to the kinds of fun games you can improvise with the apes and the monkeys. A few of the guests could be the villains of the story. They can drive into the story in safari vehicles, dressed in khaki shirts. And the event, like any Tarzan story, ends well with Tarzan kissing Jane and retiring into a tree-house.

If you are not too excited with the funny garbs, a still better idea would be to just fill up the venue with a lot of fun accessories. Keep a guest box at the entrance or at every table for guests to drop their secret, funny, interesting messages or photos or cards for the couple. The couple can read them at leisure later on. Give out funky masks for the guests which they would have to wear after the ceremony during the entertainment. There can be games trying to find out who’s who in the various masks or something just as silly or sillier. You can give away funny gifts such as absurd-looking ties and odd pairs of gloves or sandals to the guests which they should wear at the party. This could create roars of laughter and that would help break the ice and get the party in full swing. It would be still better if you could give the guests gifts with the bride’s and groom’s names and the date of the event imprinted on them, like printed sunglasses. These gifts would serve as delightful mementos that would most assuredly bring broad grins to your friends’ faces every time they set their eyes on them. You can spice up the closing of the party with fireworks or just sparklers, making the event even more memorable.

Ideas have no limit. They stop only when and where your imagination stops. And wedding events are the most fun to plan and organize if you can add some amusement and laughter to it. What’s more, they would remain as fresh in the minds of the guests as in the hearts of the married couple for years to come.

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