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    Jul 03, 2014
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Want to sell your product in online Photo by Hitasoft Madurai

Do you want to sell your products online? Are you not really sure where to start? It is more than likely that you'll need to get yourself some shopping cart software, or develop your own. This software is the backbone of any online store. It allows you to display your products online and let potential customers make purchases from you.
Most shopping cart solutions comprise of 4 parts; the actually shopping cart, a product catalogue, the checkout process and an administration panel of some form.
The Product Catalogue is, as you would expect, the part of the store that displays your products. This can range from a single hand coded HTML page displaying a few products up to a massive multi-category store containing thousands of products.
Store with a large number of products normally use a dynamic solution driven by a database, this allow information about the products to be changed with simple database updates rather than making changes to every page. These are commonly written in web scripting languages such as PHP or Active Server Pages.
Without the shopping cart component of your store your customers will not be able to make a purchase and hand over the cash. This part of the solution allows your customer to add products to a virtual basket then checkout and pay at a later point.
Conceptually it's the software works in exactly the same way as a shopping basket in a supermarket, the customer browses through the products on the shelves placing products they want into their basket. When they are ready to finalize the purchase they take the basket to the checkout.
Once the customer has decided that they want to purchase the products in their shopping cart then they must make a payment and hand over shipping details. This is where the checkout process comes in. This process allow you to integrate with your chosen billing gateway or provider and collect the payment detail from the customer.
Most eCommerce solutions provide you with a number of options when it comes to billing integration allowing you to choose a billing solution that fits your business model.
The final part of the software is the administration panel, the panel allows store owners and selected staff to manage the running of the store and perform administrative actions when required. It can perform a multitude of actions but a number of common activities are:
Setup The Store (payment solutions, shopping costs, etc)
Add/Update Products
Process Orders
View Store Statistics and Reports
Manage Customers
Most online store solutions available today incorporate all of the above features (product catalogue, shopping cart, admin panel and checkout process) into one easily installable and manageable package. More advanced solutions include facilities to integrate with numerous payment gateways, manager customer, customer self management options and much more.

Multi vendor sites have brought billions of dollars into the world economy over the last few years. It seems that every brick and mortar type business has a website that sells their products as well.
This is the way of the world now and the benefits from this can be listed on and on for some time. Developing an ecommerce website without a brick and mortar business can be a bit tricky because of the shear risk factor involved.
Getting an ecommerce website up and immediately start getting traffic is pretty much a pipe dream for most of us, because in order to get traffic, you need to have exposure.
And as we all know, or should know, exposure is gained with either a lot of work and time, or a lot of money. Developing an ecommerce website from scratch and getting it to the point of being successful is a process I am currently involved in and would like to share my experiences with.
The good thing about the internet is that when it comes to products or services that you wish to market, the possibilities are just about endless. Unlike brick and mortar businesses where a lot of regional products are sold, the internet contains items that can be sold everywhere.
For example, if you were to build a brick and mortar location to sell snow skiing equipment, somewhere that does not have any slopes would probably be a poor location choice. However, on the internet this can be totally different. Whatever you decide to sell, you only need to have an inventory available and hopefully a bit of knowledge about the items so that you are able to answer any questions that your potential customers may have.
Once a product has been decided upon you will be ready to begin the process of building the site, which is only the beginning of a long journey that is not for someone that thinks it is easy.
For this part some of the decisions involved include, doing it yourself or hiring it out, purchasing a store builder program or doing it with HTML, etc. The answers to these questions rely on the knowledge, fortitude, and knowhow of the individual or group. Personally, I chose to use a store builder for my sites because of the ease in which I could input my ideas and material without having to spend hours figuring out a script or a code.
There are many store builders available on the internet that have various levels of difficulty for developing sites, but each of these will come at a price so it will be up to the individual to whether to spend the money on one of them or having their site built.
These first couple of steps seem to be easy, but the research and decisions made here will be what determines how difficult you're your path to success will be in the future.
Many companies on the internet will tell you it can be done over night and you will be drinking little umbrella drinks in a week, but for those of you not that gullible there is still a lot more work to do.

From the past decade, it has been observed that most of the businesses are interested in promoting their business products and services through the internet. If you want to survive in this online business arena, you need a powerful and well-equipped website for your business needs.
With the advent technology of internet, business promotion and product promotion has become one of the easiest ways to create a brand name to your business. However, there are so many web site design companies are establishing every day and at the time of selecting the best web designer for your business needs, you will get little confused.
For every business improvement through the web site, e-commerce web sties design and development plays a vital role.
You need to consider so many things before selecting a web design company for your business needs. First of all, you need to select the best company that offers professional services.
If you want to reach your business to global clients, then you need to select the best company that offers professional services to your business needs. If your web site is getting a top rank in results page, then there is a chance to get some excellent potential customers. Some of the latest software technologies like HTML, Flash, ASP.Net, Front page, and Java Script into it.
The next point is a budget, when it comes to budgeting, you can easily obtain the web site within your budget limits. And also you need to consider the important point that your web sites must not contain so many images because it will take so much time to load. Obviously, the time limit for a website is to load is three to four seconds, if it takes more than that, the user will be changed to some other sites.
In these technology days, so many people are interested to avail these kinds of businesses. The main advantage with these services is definitely; your company will reach successfully met within a short period of time. These web designers are able to create wonders for your business taking it to new heights.
Most of the SEO companies are offering these services on the contact basis. They are all providing some essential developments of web sites and also already existing ones.
The web site development is depending upon all departments' collaborations. Especially, content development, designing, web server configuration, server side scripting and more. However, there are so many services are available in web design services graphic designing. Copy writing, IT development and many more. The experts from all departments must give complete coordination to get a better outcome of their efforts. 
Finally, there are some well established and experienced organizations are offering this kind of services to their loyal customer.

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