Does Shoe Shopping Give You Headaches?

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    May 01, 2013
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I Like Shoes
I Like Shoes
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If you asked most men they would say that women all enjoy heading into town for a shopping trip. This stereotype is not true as there are plenty of women who find it difficult to find what they want when they head onto the high street. There are several problems that the retailers are failing to address and these results in many women dreading having to head out to buy new shoes or clothes.

Problems for Women Shoppers

One of the first problems that retailers and manufacturers are failing to address is the size of women’s feet. If a woman is after size 9 ladies shoes the chances of finding a pair are very slim. Very many stores only stock up to a size 7 so women with larger feet are left with the problem of hunting out shoes that will fit them. This is a frustrating problem. Females of all ages are left feeling frustrated and have a lot less choice than women who are able to slip their feet into a small size.

Another common problem is to do with height. Some women find it almost impossible to find jeans that fit them perfectly. The jeans are often cut at the same lengths and very little though is put into the real sizes of women. Many of the longer legs are not available with larger waists, sometimes the legs are not suitable for tall women and the smaller women find that length is right but the hips are too tight or too lose. Retailers need to consider or shapes and sizes to avoid disappointment on the high street.

Prices are one of the other issues that many women find frustrating. High street stores tend to have higher prices compared with what’s available online. The sale racks are always worth investigating however the racks are often tightly packed into small areas on the shop floor. This section quickly becomes crowded and the clothes can be very difficult to see and remove from the rack.

Solutions are Available

Thanks to the Internet women now have new ways of shopping. There are websites that are dedicated to solving problems. You can now find large sized shoes with a lot more ease from dedicated sellers who have experienced the same problems as their customers. While many women now hate taking a trip into town they are now enjoying the choice and shopping experience from their own homes.

If you always return from a shopping trip feeling disappointed your best option is to start shopping online. You are given a lot more choice, fashionable styles and items can be found in all shapes and sizes to fit the modern day figures and sizes of females in the 21st Century.

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