Taboo no more: Adult Toys, Sex Toys and Personal Care Products in India

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    Apr 08, 2014
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Taboo no more: Adult Toys, Sex Toys and Personal Care Products in India Photo by Melroy Pinto

In India, sex has always been looked at with some amount of taboo attached to it. Naturally then, adult products like sexual wellness and personal care products, and sex toys have had the same stigma attached to them. The emergence of the adult personal products market over the past few years is a sign of an attitude change in the wider social context. Let us explore this change and the products themselves in some detail.

For the 21st century Indian, sex is no longer a taboo. This is amply evident in the emergence of the adult personal products market over the past few years. Adult products are now freely available and easy to procure, thanks to e-commerce websites. There is still a certain amount of sketchiness as to what these products are exactly.

First of all, adult products cover an entire gamut of products. These include, but aren’t limited to condoms, lubricants, male and female erotic inner wear, fetish and role play costumes, massage oils, erotic literature and edibles, body massagers and sexual enhancement aids. Sexual wellness products seek to encourage sexual health, enhancement and exploration.

The notion that sexual intercourse with one’s partner must be an intimate and enjoyable experience is further strengthened by the use of sex products such as lubricants and stimulants. These products, which are highly recommended by experts, encourage greater participation, intimacy between partners and add a new element of fun.

Erotic inner wear, fetish and role play costumes add a much needed element of fantasy and imaginativeness to the act of lovemaking. The same can be said of body massagers and erotic edibles. Aimed at those who are looking to add a more risqué twist to their love lives, these products are now massively popular as gifts that committed couples exchange.

Massage oils and gels seek to promote greater intimacy and improve foreplay between couples. Available in several types, from the ever popular aromatherapy to the more offbeat edible type, massage oils are definitely one of the more sought after items in the personal care space since they are primarily looked upon as a lifestyle item, more than anything else.

Erotic games viz. games that can be played by couples with rather ‘naughty’ consequences are also immensely popular. Simply because of their novelty value, and because they make sex more playful and encourage partners to do things that they have never tried before.

Adult personal products also include body shave crèmes, moisturizers, hygiene washes and intimate area sculpting tools. This category encourages greater sexual hygiene and safety, a big must in today’s context given the exposure to myriad health and sexual safety issues.

The tide is definitely turning. Indian consumers are shunning their prudish notions and are choosing to experiment with new, bolder products. Thanks to the emergence of online adult stores, they need not look for these products on trips abroad any more, which simply means that we as a country, are finally warming up to being open and exploring our sexuality in a positive, honest and a non-sleazy way.

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