Prepare Your Feet for Some Summer Sun

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    Apr 30, 2013
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Stop Looking! Fashion Runway 2011
Stop Looking! Fashion Runway 2011
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Now spring has finally arrived it is time to dig out your spring and summer wardrobes and start planning for days in the sun. Many of you may be working on getting your body ready for that bikini that’s hiding in your drawers and booking in for a waxing session at your beauty therapists but there is also another job to add to your summer preparation list – sorting out your feet.

Whether you plan to wear long size sandals or dangerously high peep toe heels your feet will be on show. After the long winter we have had the chances are high that your feet are not looking at their best. You may have cracked heels, split nails and hard skin and all of these will need working on before you show them off to the world.

So before you treat yourself to a stunning new pair of ladies shoes in a size 9 book yourself half an hour or peace and quiet each night for the next week and give your feet some attention.

1. Women with larger feet often squeeze their feet into smaller shoes. This can cause problems such as toughened skin. Give your feet a ten minute soak in a natural soap or bubble bath to soften the hard skin and help you to unwind after a busy day.

2. Use a foot file on the hard skin, moving the file in one direction. Don’t press too hard but apply a reasonable amount of pressure.

3. Apply a healing foot cream that is full of ingredients such as beeswax and essential oils. Beeswax is perfect to use on neglected feet and it works quickly.

4. Smoother your feet in a natural foot cream that is free from petrochemicals and parabens. Looks for organic and natural products that include ingredients such as cocoa butter, apricot oil and beeswax. If the cream is natural you can apply it directly into any splits or cracks you may have.

5. Wear a pair of thick socks that have been warming on the radiator. The socks should be worn all night if possible. If you find them too hot choose a lighter cotton pair that can allow your feet to breathe easier.

6. The following morning you will discover your feet are already a lot soften and in better condition. Keep up the intensive treatment for a week and then continue with the overnight moisturiser using a natural cream throughout the summer months.

Help your feet by making sure you wear the right size. If you have larger feet look for online stores that provide big shoes for women in fashionable styles. Thanks to the internet you shouldn’t have to cause problems with your feet by wearing the wrong size. Take care of your feet and they will look healthy and beautiful.

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