Portraits. For Kings Only?

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    Sep 30, 2013
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Imagine you are a king in the golden age standing still for a few hours while a man, with hundreds of paintbrushes and dozens of colors spread all around your living room, is trying to make an accurate painting of you.

Fortunately today there is no need to be a king, nor to have a painter in your room in order to have a painting because there is a better way to have custom oil paintings without this effort.
Having a nice view that you want to remember, a photo from your youth, a photo of your parents, a wedding photo, or any other pictures that you consider worthy, all these can be transformed into custom oil paintings.

Nowadays we are all amateur photographers. Most of us have camera phones and have taken a photo at least once in our life. The next step is processing. We usually upload these photos to different social networks to show our friends what we are up to lately. Before uploading them it has became common to edit your photos, crop them, add filters and there are a lot of applications for that specific matter, more or less easy to use.

All social networks need constant content feeding, so you upload pictures almost daily and day by day your photos get older and not shown. You could post photos on your living room wall. Why not? All your close friends will see it and you could be proud as well.

It is not that hard to accomplish. There is no need for paintbrushes or colors, just a few clicks. You just need to send your photos to a website which deals with custom oil paintings and you will receive your special work of art designed by you. Your room will accept your decoration for sure and this kind of art is unique and original 100%. Instead of buying paintings you can create them without having any painting skills.

There is no need to be a rich king, or an artist to have a painting above your chimney. Moreover, you don’t need to be a professional photographer with an expensive camera with dozens of megapixels. Our cameras or camera phones have increased their storage space, their accuracy and functionality in order to be easier to use. Some of us have become greater photographers and for sure our devices are stuffed with hundred of photos with landscapes, friends and family while photo albums became less and less used being considered old fashioned. Digital albums are on the wave but having a large amount of photos is hard to keep safe from accidental deleting.

Some of you may say that there is even an easier way to do that: printing. You can convince yourself by searching online for famous paintings and their original pictures. The finishing touch of the artist’s brush makes all the difference. The actual feeling and depth of colors transform simple photos into memories which will never fade.

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You can have your own high class portrait in your living room without being a king, nor the best painter in the county. At www.paintedsouvenirs.com you can create your own custom oil painting just by sending a photo.

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