MMA Training Gyms - Insider Tips For Selecting The Right One For You

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    Aug 28, 2012
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Since mixed martial arts first came to the United States in 1993 and the establishment of the UFC, popularity of the sport has exploded into an obsession with a cult-like following of devoted fans. Many of these fans have also become participants which have created a need for training facilities. MMA training gyms are abundant in every major city which makes the selection process of a reputable and professional facility a bit more difficult for those wishing to participate in the sport. Provided below are insider tips on how you should evaluate a gym during the selection process.

Determine Your Discipline
First you must establish goals to determine what you ultimately hope to gain from your experience with MMA training and discipline selection is first on our list. There are several disciplines or fighting styles to choose from, including grappling (submission techniques) like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or the striking-based arts like Karate, boxing and kickboxing. Is cross-training in several disciplines your goal or would you rather focus on just one? Does the training facility offer the discipline you have chosen?

Commitment Level
What is your ultimate goal and expected result? This question is relative to the individual with no incorrect answer. Some look to MMA training gyms for a place to participate in the sport, get into shape and meet like-minded people for both a social and training experience. Others look to train and become active in the sport at the competitive level, with hopes of participating in full-blown combat on the national level. Whatever your choice, prepare yourself to commit to your goal and follow through to get the most out of the gym you select.

Facilities and Level of Training
Not all gyms are created equal. Some offer only recreational type training while others offer training to help fighters reach the competitive level or a combination of both. Reputable MMA training gyms which offer recreational and competitive combat training are ideally the best since a plateau can be reached with growth suppressed in a recreational-only type facility. However, this comes down to personal choice and what you hope to ultimately accomplish with your training.

Research Your Teacher
Is your goal to compete and fight at the professional level? If so, you must do your research about who will be training you. There are MMA gyms in every major city across the nation but there are a finite number of battle-tested and sanctioned instructors available. A reputable teacher will readily provide the necessary information to back-up his claims as both a proven fighter at the competitive level and as a MMA instructor. Using the Internet is your best resource for doing your research and validating claims made by potential instructors. Uploaded videos from past professional fights should be available online as well as articles on MMA sanctioned websites.

By following the above outline and using the tips provided to explore MMA training gyms in your area, you will find a gym that meets your specific needs, expectations and goals allowing you to enter the stunningly spectacular world of mixed martial arts.

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