Fitness is important for fighters

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    Feb 24, 2014
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Fitness is important for fighters Photo by Renzogracie Academy

Whether you are a boxer, kick boxer, MMA fighter or Karate fighter, one very important thing that you can never ignore is your personal fitness.  You can be skilled at these arts only if you are completely fit.  This is the reason why when you are training for these disciplines you are not only taught about fighting techniques, you also learn how to keep yourself completely fit.  Additionally, you also learn about various diet programs that make sure that your training and fitness results are optimized.  Once you have maintained good diet and good fitness regime only then you will be able to make yourself ready for learning hardcore fighting techniques.

Whether you are a part of Brooklyn fighting gym or you are a part of San Francisco fighting gym, fitness will remain as the key element. 

Taking appropriate rest is also important

No matter how hard you are training and regardless your stamina, you need to ensure that you take proper rest while training for any discipline.  If you want to continue fighting for a long time, resting will play an important role.  Resting is not exactly being lazy.  In fact, it is the part of the process.  Your body needs vitality and resting gives that vitality.  If you are not resting properly, your body will wear off sooner and you may not be able to fight for a long time.  How long you should rest and the frequency of rest breaks depends upon the discipline you are training for and also on your goals. 

There are two types of rests you will need.  You will need rest during workouts between different exercises or between different sets of same exercise.  The duration and frequency of the rest will depend upon the amount of weight you are using for workouts.  Higher the wait more should be the rest and vice versa.  Then the other type of rest is when you don’t workout at all.  For instance, you may workout 5 days a week and rest for two days to allow your muscles to relax and build the tissues.  This type of rest is also very important.

Right nutrition is of paramount importance

You will never achieve the desired fitness levels no matter how hard you workout unless you focus on your diet too.  Your diet should properly balance proteins, fats and carbohydrates.  The proportion of these elements again depends upon the discipline you are training for and your fitness goals.  However, more often than not the biggest part of your diet should comprise of protein, followed by fats and then carbohydrates. 

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