NJMA Purple Belt Dan Pacific Wins Gold at the Recent Amateur Grappling League

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    Feb 19, 2013
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NJMA Purple Belt Dan Pacific Wins Gold at the Recent Amateur Grappling League Photo by Marco Perazzo

Real champions come back stronger after defeat. This is the case for NJMA purple belt Dan Pacific. Entering 2013, with an admittedly disappointing 2012 competition year, Dan managed to bounce back to prove his dominance Amateur Grappling League tournament in the purple belt division. Dan Pacific is a seasoned grappler having both both MMA and grappling competitions victories to his name. He’s already won several competitions including the ADCC regionals. A purple belt under Professor Marco Perazzo, Dan Pacific has a strong BJJ foundation that he shows with a slick guard but also the ability to take an opponent down when needed.

Any Purple belt tournament is going to be tough, and this was the case at the Amateur Grappling League tournament. There are grapplers these days who train full time and train, drill and spar 2-3 times a day. Given the demand in today’s grappling circles when even blue belts become sandbaggers equivalent to higher level practitioners of the past, purple belts are required to express their techniques with smoother precision. Dan Pacific made a big statement early in the 2013 tournament scene by winning gold in the Amateur Grappling League’s purple belt category. The AGL was Dans first tournament of 2013 and as the old saying goes, a good day starts with a good morning, winning gold at the first tourney of 2013 is his good morning.

It is becoming a cliché how some instructors will keep on saying “drill to win”. If you’ve heard the adage: “you are what you repeatedly do”, then this sums the necessity of drilling. What is in drilling that makes you win medals? One, it smoothens transitions that when you are presented even by the smallest opportunity, your body could react to exploit the mistakes of your opponent. Secondly, it provides muscle memory that makes the move so much quicker than someone who doesn’t do their reps in the gym. From the Mendes brothers to Cobrinha to the powerhouse Alliance team, success on the mats is due to the dedication that they have given in the gym.

Dan Pacific entered the Amateur Grappling League with a disappointing 2012 competition run. Because NJMA believes in hard work and team effort, Dan managed to win all of his three matches and landed at the top of the podium. The first match by Dan won via footlock. The second match was a points victory and the championship match was won by armbar.

Because of the newly implemented drilling system implemented by Professor Marco Perazzo, Dan was able to hit the armbar with ease in the finals. Working on the basic closed guard, breaking the posture and taking the arm in a swift motion using active hips; Dan hit the armbar with great timing and precision.

NJMA believes in teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with strong foundation of the basics. This is evident on Dan’s success in the latest Amateur Grappling League tournament. Despite the popularity of Dela Riva hooks and inverted guards in tournaments, NJMA students believe in investing in their basics before progressing to “entertaining” and “flashy” moves. Also NJMA is a firm believer of engraining techniques through repetitions. Following the victory of Dan Pacific, Professor Marco Perazzo plans to implement newer drills that will set a higher success rate for submission attempts for both gi and no gi.

Marco Perazzo is the owner of New Jersey Martial Arts. New Jersey Martial Arts aka NJMA was started in 2006 by world renowned Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Instructor and Mixed Martial Arts Coach Professor Marco Perazzo. NJMA has two locations convenient to both Burlington and Camden County. Our headquarters is Located in Maple Shade, NJ and our second location in Delran, NJ.

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