Interesting Penis Facts The Surprising Benefits of Vitamin E

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    Apr 01, 2014
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Interesting Penis Facts The Surprising Benefits of Vitamin E Photo by John Dugan

Day-to-day life is hard on the penis. Ultraviolet radiation, pollution and even some types of food can all conspire to break tissues down and impede performance when it matters most. Thankfully, adding one component to a penis care routine could make environmental attacks on the delicate penile tissue a little less damaging. Here’s how vitamin E can help to protect and preserve the manhood.

Cardiovascular Benefits

In a moment of passion, a man is expected to rise to the occasion, and that elevation depends on blood flow. Channels within the penis will expand when they're filled with blood, and that can add inches in both length and girth. Unfortunately, the bloodstream is simply filled with free radicals. These small cells are considered chemically unstable, meaning that they can react with almost everything they come into contact with, including tissues that line the blood vessels and those that involve the heart. The cardiovascular system is also filled with cholesterol that can break down and go through similar destructive chemical reactions.

This damage is difficult to feel in the moment, but given enough injury, the entire system might break down, and that might make either getting or keeping an erection just a little harder.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant, meaning that it can block the action of free-radical cells. This element also has the ability to protect the cardiovascular system from the effects of cholesterol. When this vitamin is in play at the proper levels, blood vessels and heart tissues are more inclined to resist and/or survive an assault, and there might be fewer dangerous elements involved in the body in the first place. That could help the penis to move when it needs to do so.

Skin-Smoothing Capabilities

While the cardiovascular system helps the penis to function in the right way at the right time, the wrapper that covers the tool could ensure that the penis has the opportunity to be put to good use. After all, when the skin is smooth, soft and bursting with good health, it's more likely to be touched, nuzzled and otherwise interacted with. Vitamin E can help here as well.

Skin is constantly regenerating, sloughing off dead cells and laying down a new network of tissue. That regeneration requires an intense amount of nutrition, and without it, the body can begin to take a few shortcuts. The skin that develops from a malnourished body might be fragile and prone to breakage, or it might come in layers that are much too thin to replace the dead tissues that are sliding away.

Once skin is in place, it also relies on a layer of oils that can lock moisture in and keep bacteria out. The body is capable of producing that oil slick, but it needs a serious diet of vitamins to make it happen. Without that proper diet, oil might be seriously lacking, and skin can quickly erode.

Vitamin E can assist with both of these problems. When it's in play, the body has the nutrients it needs to lay down an overlapping network of healthy tissues, and the body has the ability to protect those tissues with a healthy amount of oil. The resulting skin is definitely kissable.

Making Vitamin E Work

The best way to deliver Vitamin E to the penis is to put it there on a daily basis with an application of a penis health crème. Topical application also allows men to daub that nutrition right where it's needed, without worrying about flushing their investment down the toilet in their next trip to the bathroom.

These products contain a number of other ingredients that can work in tandem with Vitamin E, including:

  • Shea butter
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D

A daily application of a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can leave the penis feeling healthy and functional, both inside and out.

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