Last Longer in Bed Five Considerations to Try in the Sack

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    Jan 10, 2013
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So you want to last longer in bed but you are unsure of what methods that you can incorporate into your sexual routine in order to do so.Thankfully, you have come to the right place, friends.There are countless methods to use that can help you last longer in bed, and chances are that you are on the lookout for more fodder to try out in the bedroom.So stop fretting over premature ejaculation and arm yourself with these tips that you can confidently take into the bedroom for your next adventure—where you will hopefully last longer than ever before by using these simple suggestions.

Thicker Condoms

The simplest solution for how to last longer in bed is by using thicker condoms.Since your penis tip is far too sensitive, thicker condoms provide the most economical answer. Just look for the thickest condoms that you can find. Lamb skin condoms are generally the thickest; just a tip.

Numbing Lubricants

Don’t overlook lubrication methods for how to last longer in bed.There are numerous different lubricants that you can use that will numb your penis tip slightly.Now you will still feel plenty of pleasure from sexual intercourse, but your penis will not freak out on you, as you have seen it do in the past.And the lubricants help calm it down so you can last longer in bed.

Stop and Start

A classic method that works for most guys is the stop and start method to last longer in bed.This method involves the same process of making love that you are used to. Whenever you feel yourself getting too close for comfort, stop having sex.Take a breather and cool off.A minute later, you are ready to go again.

Breathing Methods

Don’t forget about breathing methods to last longer in bed. You can breathe your way to longer sessions in the bedroom.Here’s a simple solution.Breathe in when you push in. Breathe out when you push out.When you push in, do so gently and slowly, and count as you hold your breath.Then slowly exhale as you push out. Repeat this throughout sex to last longer in bed.

Natural Supplements

You are what you eat. Balanced sexual nutrients can easily allow you to last longer in bed. Be sure that you don’t overlook male enhancers.They are loaded with potent sexual nutrients that supercharge your body for sex.They offer numerous other benefits as well, and most come with a money back guarantee.

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