High PSA Level: Must You Dread?

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    Feb 24, 2014
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Other than the cancer in the bladder and cancer of the kidney, prostate cancer is a major health care issue in men. Because of its increasing number of cases, it gets necessary for all men to know about prostate cancer treatment, symptoms and PSA level.

What is Prostate?

It is a small gland in front of the rectum and below the bladder. This walnut sized gland makes a part of the male reproductive system to secrete fluid that is a component of the semen.

Is Your PSA Normal?

Men above 40 years of age are more prone to prostate cancer and it is rarely diagnosed in younger men. As a general practice, a PSA level of “4” is considered to be the uppermost limit of normal PSA. However, over 20% of men are diagnosed with prostate cancer with normal PSA levels. And there also are significant numbers of cases where young patients are reported to have elevated PSA.

So, for interpreting PSA level for diagnosis of prostate cancer, many other factors like age, PSA density, PSA velocity and percent free PSA must also be considered. One may also have high PSA due to prostatic infection but if even after course of antibiotics, the PSA still shows to be high, biopsy is recommended.

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Early stages of this cancer type may not show any symptoms and the symptoms that are shown may be a cause of other health issues. Common symptoms of prostate cancer include:

- mild pain in lower pelvic
- blood in the semen or urine;
- frequent need of urination
- painful ejaculation
- problems in urinating like pain, burning, inability or destabilized urine flow;
- pain in hips, lower back or upper thighs;
- Sudden loss of weight or appetite
- persistent pain in bone

Causes Of Prostate Cancer

Studies are still on to find the precise causes of prostate cancer but some of the factors that can stimulate prostate cancer in men include:

- High age
- Smoking
- Family History
- Ethnicity like being an African American may double the risk
- Vitamins
- Dietary

Certain region and location factors are also found associated with causes of the prostate cancer.

Possible treatments

Most men with mild prostate cancer may not need any treatment and they may die with prostate cancer but not because of prostate cancer. But if you need a treatment, the common cancer treatment options such as radiation therapy, surgery, hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, cryotherapy and advanced surgeries that uses robot in surgery are possible.

Exercising, proper diet, weight management, and not smoking can improve your overall health and can help avoiding such diseases.

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